Basic Life Support CPR

2017 Scheduled Courses

January: 12th & 27th
February: 16th & 24th
March: 9th & 31th
April: 13th & 28th
May: 11th & 26th
June: 15th & 30th
July: 13th & 28th
August: 17th & 25th
September: 14th & 29th
October: 12th & 20th
November: 16th & 20th
December: 14th & 29th

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To sign up for a scheduled class, please follow the link below. Confirmation that you have reserved a seat in the class will be sent by email. If the class is already full, you will be added to the wait list.

Contact Information

Ivan Olson, Clinical Instructor
     Email Ivan Olson
     Phone: (307) 755-4529

Education Department
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     Phone: (307) 755-4620
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