Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation Therapy at IMH

Phase 1 takes place after you have been admitted to the hospital.

Phase 2 begins after your discharge from the hospital. The emphasis is Phase 2 is on lifestyle assessment, behavioral changes, and exercise. This phase is usually a 12-week program depending on your physical condition.


Individual review of heart disease and risk factors.
Classes on risk factor reduction offered through the Mended Hearts program.
Establishing goals for changes in your lifestyle and assistance in monitoring your progress and support.


Exercise sessions prescribed by your physician will be held three time a week. The session will include:

Personal exercise prescription:

1. Warm-up: movement and stretching exercises.

2. Work out: treadmill, stationary bicycles, and other exercise equipment.

3. Cool down: stretching exercises and relaxation techniques.

EKG monitoring

Heart rate and blood pressure evaluations before, during and after sessions.

Phase 3 is a continuation of Phase 2 with exercise prescriptions and the emphasis on prevention of further heart problems and maintenance of behavioral changes. Group support is an essential part of the Phase 3 program.


Classes on risk factor reduction offered through the Mended Hearts program.
Assistance with maintaining goals for a healthy lifestyle


Exercise sessions are available three days--Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. The program is prescribed by a physician and includes:

Heart rate and blood pressure checks
Personal exercise prescription
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