Extended Care


Sometimes after a serious illness or complicated surgical procedure, patients are not able to return immediately to their home. Patients in this situation, who need extra help or rehabilitation, can stay in the Extended Care facility at Ivinson Memorial Hospital.

The Extended Care facility is a comprehensive medical facility dedicated to assisting individuals who are discharged from an inpatient unit, but need extra rehabilitation before returning to home. With skilled nursing, physical and occupational rehabilitation services, and weekly care planning conferences with the patient and family, we ensure each patient receives the optimal level of care.

We get patients involved in socially interactive situations and mentally stimulating activities. We also encourage all patients to eat meals together in the family room. For many patients, a temporary extension of care is all they need to return to their normal, daily lives.

WE BELIEVE You Deserve Exceptional Healthcare

"Thank you for the care while I was a guest on your extended care unit. It was/is like I had an extended family. The care I received was Top Notch, 5 Star Care!! I can highly recommend Ivinson's Extended Care."

WE BELIEVE You Deserve Exceptional Health Care