Guest House

Located at:

2612 E. Sheridan Street

The Ivinson Memorial Hospital's Foundation Guest House keeps families together during medical crisis. The guest house offers much more than a night's stay, allowing families to stay nearby at an affordable rate while their loved ones are in the hospital recovering. With a standard price of $40.00 a night with a sliding fee available nothing will ever be as comfortable as one's own home, but our guest house can come close. Offering convenience, privacy, and comfort, the guest house will help alleviate as much stress as possible.

Located just five blocks south of the hospital, the guest house provides accommodations to out-of-town patients undergoing surgery or treatments and their family members. The single-story 4000 square foot facility, a home away from home, has six guest rooms, a living room, family-style dining room, kitchen, office and a washer/dryer. Each room has a king sized bed, a full sized bathroom, and cable. The kitchen is communal as well as the rest of the accommodations.
Ivinson's guest house is a place for healing and relaxation. We ask for only two people per room, no children under 12, no smoking or drinking, and no pets to ensure the guest house stays this way. Thank you for understanding
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