Frequently Asked Questions

Human Resources

How can I check on the status of my application?
To check on the status of your application, email a request to the Human Resources Department.

When are new positions posted?
We post updates as soon as we receive them. All positions posted on the website are currently available, and listings are removed once the position is filled.

Where can I apply if I don't have a computer?
We strongly recommend that you apply online. Many libraries have free computer access and copy shops such as Kinko's have computers to rent. Paper applications can be obtained at Wyoming Workforce Services or from the Ivinson Memorial Hospital Operator by the Admitting entrance.

Should I submit multiple applications for the same position to show that I am really interested in the position?
Please submit only one application for each position you apply for.

I have applied for many positions and I have not received an interview -what am I doing wrong?
If you have applied for numerous positions that you are qualified for and have not received a call for an interview, please contact our Human Resources Dept at (307) 755-4620.

Can I call HR and ask you to "hold" my application?
We can only accept applications for open positions. Once a position has been filled, all applications for that position will be considered inactive. Please check our postings and reapply for new positions as they become available.

After I apply, how soon will I be called for an interview?
This varies depending on the needs of the department; however, there is not a guarantee that you will be invited for an interview.

Who will call me after the interview to update me on the outcome?
If you are selected to continue with the next phase of the screening process, you will receive a call from the Human Resources Department with instructions on the next steps. If you are not selected to continue to the next phase, a notification letter will be sent to you by email.

Why does it take so long to check my references, do the background checks and get the drug screen results?
The time frame for the pre-employment process depends on various factors, such as returned phone calls from references and the processing time for backgrounds and drug screens. To expedite this process, please respond to any requests from HR within 24 hours.

Will the hiring manager or HR make the job offer?
A Human Resources representative will make the official offer.
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