Letters from Patients


Well, if I had to grade this hospital and the staff that took care of me during my stay, I would give this place an A+. I was visiting Laramie to bring my son to the University of Wyoming. Things took a turn for the worse and I fell really ill, having to be hospitalized for four days.
The nurses who took care of me while there were absolutely wonderful. One I especially remember was Danielle B...can't remember how to spell her last name...Bustos? She was so caring and an amazing care giver. I also have to give kudos to the kitchen staff. They were awesome and make a mean fruit tray...seriously.
The only thing I can add here in my comments is that I have never been in a more friendly hospital with a caring staff as this. If I ever end up in a hospital again, I could only wish it were at the Ivinson where I really felt like a family member...never just a patient.
Tracey M.


I am patient of Dr. Thomas A. Bienz of Gem City Bone and Joint, P.C. I recently had a short stay at Ivinson Memorial for some surgery. From the door I was greeted and taken through all the steps of admittance and into surgery. I have to say that all the ladies who assisted me were very helpful, well informed and acted in a very high level of PROFESSIONALISM. It was a pleasure speaking with them all. They were well informed and informative, confident of their duties, polite, and very helpful. It gives the person going into this a sense of confidence and security that all is going well.
During my recovery the nurses on surgery were very alert. I never once had to ring a buzz. They were there to assist me with my needs always checking to see if I needed anything. Too often people are overlooked for one reason or another and it's very unfortunate that this happens. These people I encountered during my short stay are exceptional, their pride of duty reflects in their work and attitude. These are hard things to find in this world today. Each of them should be encouraged to continue the fine work they are doing and continue their education in their fields of work.
I hope that everyone there who assisted me from the greeting at the door right through surgery and recovery knows the fine job they are doing and the many thanks I have for them being there for me.
Sincerely, and to the entire staff, I wish you all a very happy and heart filled New Year.
Armand R.

Sincere, Heartfelt Thanks!

Thanks to everyone for all that you have so far done for me. Usually words come easily, but not this time---for it is difficult to find the right words to express my soul-deep feelings for your magnificent service on my behalf. As Lou Gehrig said so many years ago; I'm the luckiest man on Earth…for having been in your care. Your ever-positive attitude is so helpful. With you as my Team, how could I ever sense anything but a silver lining in every cloud that has and will come my way?
I have enjoyed your cheer, smiles, explanations, willingness to answer my many questions, and, most of all, your patience and investment of time to just talk. There are legions of people in this world who could learn important people skills just by watching and listening as you meet your responsibilities.
My road was rocky for a day, the day biopsy results proclaimed…Prostate Cancer! I could have thought (and maybe I did for a while), Why me? However, I quickly realized, Why not me? Why shouldn't it be me?---doubtless I needed another test in life, even one that I did not request. Life is a lot easier when you can find a bit of humor in every situation. It is much better to scatter sunshine along the way than to forecast gloom. With your help I learned that lesson.
Through my prostate cancer odyssey I've learned that I have a most remarkable, caring family, an entire league of extraordinary friends, and the best medical people anywhere. Life really is a continuing adventure in learning.
If I can help someone who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, I'll be glad to talk with anyone about my experience and the importance of keeping a positive outlook.
Thank you!
Sincere, Heartfelt Thanks!
Bob W.
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