Patient and Family Advisory Council

At Ivinson Memorial Hospital, we believe you deserve exceptional care. We also believe the voice of patients and family members should be included in decisions and plans that affect them. The Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is a group of committed patients, family members, caregivers, healthcare providers and community members who work together to promote exceptional care. Guided by the mission, vision and values of Ivinson Memorial Hospital, the council ensure our patients and families have a safe, quality, compassionate and supportive healthcare experience.

Council members are advisors and champions who can enhance the patient's experience. They help shape policies to provide better care and service through active collaboration in developing strategies to bring patient and family needs and concerns to the hospital staff and leadership. The council assists in forging a strong partnership between hospital staff, patients and families. It works with IMH leadership to evaluate practices, programs and services while making recommendations to improve care.

Nicole Rooney
Director of Quality

Direct (307) 755-4617
WE BELIEVE You Deserve Exceptional Health Care