Suicide Crisis Resources

If you or someone you know is feeling overwhelmed, has feelings of hopelessness or despair, wants to harm oneself or others and/or wants to kill yourself please feel free to call any of the numbers listed, or go to your local emergency room.

Crisis hotlines use professionals who are trained in suicide prevention and crisis intervention. The professional will work with the person in crisis and help them de-escalate from crisis to a calmer state of mind.

Local Crisis Care

Laramie Youth Crisis Line

Call or Text: 307-977-7777

Ivinson Memorial Behavioral Health Services


Laramie Youth Crisis Center


PEAK Wellness


University of Wyoming Counseling Center


For immediate assistance call 911

Other Resources

Suicide Hotline

1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Youth Crisis Hotline

1-800-422-HOPE (4673)

Hopeline Network

800-SUICIDE (7842433)

National Crisis Text Line

Text "GO" to 741741

Each of the numbers listed provides a 24/7 service to those in need. No crisis line will ever turn you away based on age or gender.
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