Visitor Information

Visit Your Loved Ones

Visitors are encouraged to visit friends and family members. Visiting hours are open but we encourage you to check with admission or the main desk prior to visiting to make sure your visit occurs at the most appropriate time.

IMH Foundation Guest House

The IMH Foundation Guest House keeps families together during medical crises. The guest house offers much more than a night's stay. Nothing will ever as comfortable as one's own home but a guest house can come close. Offering convenience, privacy, and comfort, the guest house will help alleviate as much stress as possible. Allowing families to reserve energy for the patient and health care matters.

$40 per night. Financial assistance is available for guests without the means to pay; an application is required to determine eligibility.

For reservations call the Environmental Services Supervisor, Tammy Gardea (307) 755-2746

Contact Us With Your Questions

If you have questions concerning visiting hours or to find the best times to visit your friends and family members feel free to Contact Us.
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