Ivinson's Patient Success Stories

Caring for patients at Ivinson is personal. After all, the people we treat are our neighbors, family, teachers, colleagues, and friends.
The patient stories included here are those of the amazing individuals whose lives we have touched, and who in turn inspire us day in and day out. We know their stories will inspire you too.

Hedwig is Kim's 'service dog' specifically trained to alert Kim when her glucose levels have dropped. He is considered a working animal, not a pet, but to Kim he is also her loving companion and lifesaver. Click here for more on Kim and Hedwig's story!

Joe Feeley said he wasn't going to let cancer define him or his life, after all hunting season was right around the corner Click here for Joe's full story!

Herman Strickland and his wife Becky said they had a 'calling' to move from North Carolina to Wyoming to build a summer retreat for underprivileged children.Click here for Herman's full story!

People with Parkinson's can get better by following a treatment program offered by the IMH Rehabilitation Department - The first facility in Laramie to offer this program. Click here to for more information and to read about Jo Ellen's Success Story!
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