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Palliative Care

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End of life care, comfort care, and palliative care are provided at Ivinson in our Beta Suite. This suite has an adjoining family room with most of the comforts of home for the family and friends of the patient. While special attention is given to pain management for the patient, spiritual and emotional needs of both the patient and the family are addressed as well.

Comfort care may be the best choice for a patient with chronic conditions like end stage chronic lung disease, a patient who is discontinuing dialysis, or for patients with cancer or serious pneumonia. An evaluation of the situation is done by the admission coordinator to find the best placement for a patient. Many patients want to be at home, and IMH believes that home is best if care can be arranged there. However, if symptoms are severe and the patient is within 2 – 4 weeks of the end of their life, our Beta Suite may be the answer for care. 

Palliative care is a special type of care, not the only choice when treatments fail. This special care has a whole new focus. That is to make every moment a patient has left on this earth the very best it can be. Pain will be controlled, memories will be discussed, choices will be made, plans for the future will occur and in the end goodbye will be said in a gentle loving environment.