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Provider Spotlight 16 March 2022

Dr. Vijaya Koduri

Dr. Koduri is a pediatrician at the Ivinson Medical Group Pediatric and Family Care Clinic.

At a young age, Vijaya Koduri watched her father care for children as a pediatrician. Seeing the satisfaction he received from his work, she was drawn to medicine.

My father was my inspiration to become a doctor. He was a pediatrician,” Dr. Koduri said. I felt his passion in caring for children and to express their full potential by keeping them healthy at all times.”

Following in her father’s footsteps, Dr. Koduri has been providing pediatric care since 2010 and has spent the last 4 years caring for patients at Ivinson. 

At Ivinson, and throughout much of her medical career, Dr. Koduri has worked alongside her husband, Dr. Kiran Koduri, a pediatric hospitalist. Between the two, their expertise spans across most pediatric speciality areas from birth into adolescence. 

One of my strongest areas of study was in children’s pneumonia,” Dr. Koduri said of her pediatric residency training at The State University of New York at Buffalo. When I see a child with a cough, I want to find out if it’s from allergies, if it’s bronchiolitis, versus sinusitis versus actually pneumonia or croup. I enjoy formulating those diagnoses and coming to the right management.” 

Outside of her training as a pediatrician, Dr. Koduri draws insight in caring for children from her personal experience as a mother. As a mother of four, she relates to the families she cares for and prioritizes providing high quality care and educating families to parent confidently.

I want you to feel in charge of your child’s management and give you the tools you need to be successful,” Dr. Koduri said of her care philosophy. What I enjoy about Ivinson is I have more time to spend with the families to answer all the questions they have. I want to make sure they leave with no questions and no concerns when they step out of my room.”

Asking questions remains an important foundation of her practice. Whether caring for patients in the clinic, on the pediatric floor of the hospital or babies just arriving in the world, Dr. Koduri always takes time to ask questions and find answers to parents’ concerns. When it comes to caring for children, there are no silly questions. Dr. Koduri takes pride in always finding the time to put parents at ease.

A child’s ability to heal is amazing,” Dr. Koduri said of her smallest patients. When my patients have problems that I can help fix, that gives me the highest satisfaction.”

Outside of her passion for healing, Dr. Koduri takes special interest in dance and spent 10 years practicing the classical Indian dance, Kuchipudi. On occasion, Dr. Koduri goes back to her stage passion and has even performed in Laramie for Diwali. 

If she wasn’t a pediatrician, Dr. Koduri said she would have pursued her interest in fashion. As a doctor, she especially enjoys the fashionable little ones she cares for.

I think that pediatricians are among some of the happiest physicians,” Dr. Koduri said of what sets pediatrics apart from other fields of medicine. I consider it an honor and a blessing for the opportunity to take care of my patients and to impact the life of a child.” 

Dr. Koduri is now practicing full-time at Ivinson Medical Group and accepting new patients. To schedule an appointment or for more information, call or text the clinic at 3077554540.

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