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Hospital Updates Updated 10/7/2020

Drive-Up COVID-19 Testing at Ivinson

On Mon­day, June 29, Ivin­son Memo­r­i­al Hos­pi­tal began offer­ing dri­ve-up COVID-19 and anti­body test­ing to the public.

Locat­ed in the patient park­ing garage on Wil­lett Dri­ve, the dri­ve-up test­ing site is avail­able Mon­day through Fri­day from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

We are excit­ed to be able to offer a con­ve­nient and reli­able test­ing option to our com­mu­ni­ty,” Chief Oper­at­ing Offi­cer Hol­ly Zajic said. Health­care that is easy, safe and acces­si­ble is more impor­tant to patients than ever before. With the imple­men­ta­tion of dri­ve-up test­ing, we are able to pro­vide patients with peace of mind from the safe­ty of their own vehicle.” 

How do I get tested?

To get start­ed, call us at (307) 7554355 and pre-reg­is­ter. Dri­ve-up test­ing is avail­able to any­one, no provider order required.

Where do I go?

Dri­ve-up test­ing is locat­ed on the north side of the hos­pi­tal, on Wil­lett Dri­ve. Signs are post­ed to guide patients through the test­ing process. We ask that those want­i­ng to be test­ed to please wear a mask and remain in their vehi­cles the entire time. 

Drive Up Testing Map - Street View

When you arrive at the test­ing site, you will be asked for your infor­ma­tion before being guid­ed to an avail­able test­ing station.

Drive Up Testing Map - Garage View

What kind of tests are available?

Ivin­son is offer­ing two dif­fer­ent dri­ve-up test options: 

  • A nasal swab (PCR) test which is admin­is­tered through the nasal pas­sage. This test is to deter­mine if a per­son cur­rent­ly has the COVID-19 virus.
  • An anti­body test which requires a blood draw. This test is to deter­mine if a per­son was exposed to COVID-19 and now has antibodies.

How much is a test?

  • Out of pock­et costs for a nasal swab test is $94.
  • Out of pock­et costs for an anti­body test is $100.

Is COVID-19 test­ing cov­ered by my insurance?

Many insur­ance providers will cov­er COVID-19 and anti­body test­ing, but you should check on the details for your insur­ance plan.

How do I get my results?

If you don’t already have one, cre­at­ing a My Health Con­nec­tion account is a con­ve­nient way to see your results when they are avail­able. You can login or sign up for an account here. Results are cur­rent­ly avail­able between 3 – 5 days after test­ing. For the best My Health expe­ri­ence, down­load the UCHealth app, avail­able on the Apple and Google app stores. For more infor­ma­tion about COVID-19 test­ing, vis­it our web­site.

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