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Press Release 26 October 2018

Growth Continues with the Medical Offices at Ivinson

Written by Sagan Wheeler

Just a year after the Medical Offices at Ivinson opened their doors, construction begins to add a third floor to the building.

Ivinson Memorial Hospital’s Board of Directors approved the expansion of the Medical Offices at Ivinson on September 24, 2018. After a formal bid process, Haselden Construction was named as the general contractor for the buildout of the third floor with TreanorHL serving as the project architects. 

Ivinson providers, staff and patients have given input into the workflow and design elements of the medical office building, which will be used by the architects and contractors throughout the construction process. The first phase of construction began in October 2018

The Medical Offices at Ivinson opened their doors in August 2017, and due to rapid growth of clinic services within the first year of operations, construction of an additional floor is necessary to accommodate providers, staff and patients. In the last year, Ivinson has added three pediatricians, two OBGYNs and a urologist with plans to add a general surgeon, an OBGYN and two midwives all by summer 2019. The additional floor of the medical offices will include 58 exam rooms and four procedure rooms. 

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Ivinson’s chief operating officer, Holly Zajic said, We have seen remarkable growth within the outpatient setting over the past year, and with the expansion project we will be positioned to provide exceptional, coordinated care to our patients for years to come.” 

As construction begins, patients and staff will notice closures to certain parking lots and entrances to the building. Alternate parking and entrances will be well-marked to ensure patients and staff experience minimal disruptions throughout the expansion project. The additional floor of the medical office building is slated to be complete no later than August 2019