Getting back to running three miles.”

Guadalupe Frias, Patient Stories

Patient Spotlight March 2018 2

Guadalupe Frias moved to Laramie in 1999. She is the mother to five chil­dren and grand­mother to 12 grand­chil­dren. She is also is an avid runner. Guadalupe began running in 1981 and in the last 35+ years, has run count­less 10K and 5K races. 

After recently suffer­ing from sudden deaf­ness in her right ear, Guadalupe visited Dr. Paul John­son, ENT, and Amy Weaver, Audi­ol­o­gist, at Ivin­son Memo­r­ial Hospi­tal to discuss her options. She chose to undergo an osteoin­te­grated tempo­ral bone implant proce­dure. During the proce­dure, Dr. John­son placed a tita­nium implant that sits in the bone behind the ear. Several weeks after the proce­dure, Amy Weaver, along with Shana Wein­re­ich Martinez of Oticon Medical, performed a fitting of the bone-anchored hear­ing system (BAHS) sound processor. 

The BAHS is designed to use Guadalupe’s natural abil­ity to trans­fer sound through bone conduc­tion. The sound proces­sor converts sounds into vibra­tions which are then sent through her skull bone, directly to her inner ear. The sound proces­sor picks up waves simi­larly to conven­tional hear­ing aids but rather than send­ing these sound waves through the ear canal, it trans­forms them into sound vibra­tions, allow­ing Guadalupe to hear sound from her impaired side. 

With two of her chil­dren by her side, Guadalupe expressed her excite­ment with the results. It’s amaz­ing!” she said. Although a bit skep­ti­cal at first, she conveyed just how happy she was with her expe­ri­ence. After her initial hear­ing loss, her balance suffered. When asked what she was most excited for in regain­ing her hear­ing, Guadalupe didn’t hesi­tate, Getting back to running three miles.” 

Guadalupe is the first patient at Ivin­son to have a bone anchored hear­ing system placed and fitted thanks to a phenom­e­nal team of physi­cians, audi­ol­o­gists, and nurses

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