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Childbirth and Breastfeeding Education

Ivin­son Med­ical Group’s Wom­en’s Health Clin­ic is proud to offer free cours­es to expect­ing par­ents that cov­er every­thing from breast­feed­ing to post­par­tum care. 

Class­es are held in the Ivin­son Sum­mit Room begin­ning at 6 pm. All class­es aver­age about two hours, leav­ing plen­ty of time for questions.

breast­feed­ing — the first month

Get an overview of what breast­feed­ing is about, how to do it and all of the ben­e­fits for mom and baby.

Jan­u­ary 152020

March 42020

April 222020
June 172020
August 52020
Sep­tem­ber 162020
Novem­ber 42020
Decem­ber 162020

work­ing + pumping

This course cov­ers help­ful hints on how to best go back to work, pump and resume a pro­fes­sion­al lifestyle while still breastfeeding.

Feb­ru­ary 52020
March 262020
May 132020
July 82020
August 192020
Octo­ber 72020
Novem­ber 182020

com­fort measures

This course will inform you on how to remain com­fort­able through­out labor. It will dis­cuss options avail­able in the hos­pi­tal, as well as things you can do at home before.

Jan­u­ary 212020
March 112020
May 62020
June 232020
August 122020
Sep­tem­ber 302020
Novem­ber 112020

labor + delivery

This is a course designed to help you bet­ter under­stand the process of labor and deliv­ery. It cov­ers what to expect when it is time for your baby to be born, what to do when you think it is time, and what you may go through dur­ing the laboring/​delivery process. It is fol­lowed by a quick 15 minute tour of the labor and deliv­ery unit at Ivinson. 

Feb­ru­ary 122020
April 82020
May 202020

July 152020

Sep­tem­ber 22020
Octo­ber 142020

pre­na­tal + postpartum

This course cov­ers what to expect dur­ing rou­tine pre­na­tal care, the changes your body will go through in the com­ing weeks, healthy diet dur­ing preg­nan­cy and warn­ing signs for preterm labor. This course cov­ers rou­tine pro­ce­dures fol­low­ing deliv­ery and new­born care in the first few days and weeks, as well as self care for new moms in the weeks fol­low­ing delivery.

Jan­u­ary 82020
Feb­ru­ary 192020
April 152020
June 102020
July 212020
Sep­tem­ber 82020
Octo­ber 212020
Decem­ber 82020