get my records

Obtaining copies of your medical records is one of your rights as a patient. For your convenience, you are able to make this request in several different ways. 

You may request your medical records by:

  • Visiting our medical records office, (located on the first floor of the hospital,) to fill out an authorization form.
  • Downloading the authorization form, located below, and faxing it directly to our medical records department at (307) 7421924.
  • Visiting the Patient Portal website to obtain labs, x‑rays, EKGs and discharge instructions.

Please remember to bring a government-issued photo ID. If you do not provide proper identification and authorization, we are not able to release your records.

After we have received your request, the turnaround time is typically 10 days. If this is an emergency, or you need to take them with you to a doctor’s appointment, we will process the request as soon as we are able. 

Someone from our office will contact you as soon as your records are available for pick up. You may pick them up during our normal business hours. The Medical Records office is located on the first floor of the hospital.

We are unable to provide information regarding your test results over the phone; you should review this information with your provider.

fee schedule

Personal requests for copies of medical records will be assessed by the following fee schedule:

  • Actual costs
    Ivinson may calculate the actual labor costs to fulfill the request, as long as the labor included is only for copying. IMH may add to the actual costs of any applicable supply (e.g., paper, or CD or USB drive) or postage costs. The individual will be informed in advance of the approximate fee.
  • Average cost
    The standard rate will be calculated and charged as a per page fee only in cases where the PHI requested is maintained in paper form and the individual requests a paper copy of the PHI or asks that the paper PHI be scanned into an electronic format 45CFR 164.524 ( c )(4).
  • Flat fee for electronic copies of PHI maintained electronically
    IMH may charge a flat fee of $5.00 for all requests for electronic copies of PHI maintained electronically, not to exceed $6.50, inclusive of all labor, supplies, and any applicable postage.

who has access to my records?

The only people that have access to your records other than the appropriate staff members, is your primary care physician, if he/​she requests them for continuing care purposes, and yourself. We will require you to fill out an authorization to look at your records or for copies of your record.

how do I obtain a certified copy of my or my child’s birth certificate?

You would need to contact Vital Records in Cheyenne, WY, for information on obtaining a certified copy of the birth certificate. You may reach them at 3077777591

how can I get the diagnosis codes changed?

This can only be done with a valid order from the physician that ordered the test.