get my records

Obtain­ing copies of your medical records is one of your rights as a patient. For your conve­nience, you are able to make this request in several differ­ent ways. 

You may request your medical records by:

  • Visit­ing our medical records office, (located on the first floor of the hospi­tal,) to fill out an autho­riza­tion form.
  • Down­load­ing the autho­riza­tion form, located below, and faxing it directly to our medical records depart­ment at (307) 7421924.
  • Visit­ing the Patient Portal website to obtain labs, x-rays, EKGs and discharge instructions.

Please remem­ber to bring a govern­ment-issued photo ID. If you do not provide proper iden­ti­fi­ca­tion and autho­riza­tion, we are not able to release your records.

After we have received your request, the turn­around time is typi­cally 10 days. If this is an emer­gency, or you need to take them with you to a doctor’s appoint­ment, we will process the request as soon as we are able. 

Some­one from our office will contact you as soon as your records are avail­able for pick up. You may pick them up during our normal busi­ness hours. The Medical Records office is located on the first floor of the hospital.

We are unable to provide infor­ma­tion regard­ing your test results over the phone; you should review this infor­ma­tion with your provider.

fee schedule

Personal requests for copies of medical records will be assessed by the follow­ing fee schedule:

  • Actual costs
    Ivin­son may calcu­late the actual labor costs to fulfill the request, as long as the labor included is only for copy­ing. IMH may add to the actual costs of any applic­a­ble supply (e.g., paper, or CD or USB drive) or postage costs. The indi­vid­ual will be informed in advance of the approx­i­mate fee.
  • Aver­age cost
    The stan­dard rate will be calcu­lated and charged as a per page fee only in cases where the PHI requested is main­tained in paper form and the indi­vid­ual requests a paper copy of the PHI or asks that the paper PHI be scanned into an elec­tronic format 45CFR 164.524 ( c )(4).
  • Flat fee for elec­tronic copies of PHI main­tained elec­tron­i­cally
    IMH may charge a flat fee of $5.00 for all requests for elec­tronic copies of PHI main­tained elec­tron­i­cally, not to exceed $6.50, inclu­sive of all labor, supplies, and any applic­a­ble postage.

who has access to my records?

The only people that have access to your records other than the appro­pri­ate staff members, is your primary care physi­cian, if he/​she requests them for contin­u­ing care purposes, and your­self. We will require you to fill out an autho­riza­tion to look at your records or for copies of your record.

how do I obtain a certi­fied copy of my or my child’s birth certificate?

You would need to contact Vital Records in Cheyenne, WY, for infor­ma­tion on obtain­ing a certi­fied copy of the birth certifi­cate. You may reach them at 3077777591

how can I get the diag­no­sis codes changed?

This can only be done with a valid order from the physi­cian that ordered the test.