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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is respon­si­ble for pay­ing my bill?
The hos­pi­tal will bill your insur­ance com­pa­ny direct­ly (unless you spec­i­fy oth­er­wise). How­ev­er, you are ulti­mate­ly respon­si­ble for mak­ing cer­tain that your bill is paid. If a bal­ance remains after your insur­ance has issued a pay­ment or a denial, pay­ment is due upon receipt of your statement. 

What oth­er bills will I receive?
In addi­tion to your bill from the hos­pi­tal, you may receive bills from con­sult­ing physi­cians, radi­ol­o­gists, pathol­o­gy or oth­er spe­cial­ists. Please con­tact their offices direct­ly if you have ques­tions con­cern­ing their bills.

What is pend­ing with my insur­ance?
You may have received a let­ter or ques­tion­naire from your insur­ance com­pa­ny or from IMH request­ing addi­tion­al infor­ma­tion. If you do not respond to this, the bill may become your respon­si­bil­i­ty. Please fol­low the instruc­tions pro­vid­ed in the let­ter to ensure your claims are processed in a time­ly manner.

What do I owe?
You should receive an account state­ment in the mail. Your state­ment will reflect any unpaid bal­ances on your account. 

Did you receive my pay­ment?
Any new pay­ments made on your account should be reflect­ed on your next account statement. 

Why did­n’t my insur­ance pay?
You should have received an Expla­na­tion of Ben­e­fits (EOB) from your insur­ance com­pa­ny show­ing how they con­sid­ered your claim. This EOB should have a con­tact tele­phone num­ber or web­site where you can reach your insur­ance com­pa­ny for fur­ther infor­ma­tion. Please con­tact your insur­ance com­pa­ny or ben­e­fits office with ques­tions about denied claims. 

What if I did­n’t give any­one my insur­ance infor­ma­tion at the time of ser­vice?
If you did not have your insur­ance infor­ma­tion with you at the time of ser­vice or if your insur­ance infor­ma­tion has changed, please call us imme­di­ate­ly to update your record.

What is pre-autho­riza­tion, and who is respon­si­ble for tak­ing care of it?
Many insur­ance plans require pri­or approval for ser­vices by patients and/​or their Pri­ma­ry Care Providers (PCPs) before ser­vices can be cov­ered. This is often referred to as pre-autho­riza­tion. Before your vis­it to an Ivin­son Memo­r­i­al Hos­pi­tal facil­i­ty, please review your health-plan book­let or call your insur­ance com­pa­ny rep­re­sen­ta­tive to clar­i­fy your spe­cif­ic pol­i­cy ben­e­fits and requirements. 

I was injured at work; why am I get­ting a bill?
After noti­fy­ing your employ­er of a work-relat­ed injury your employ­er should have filed a Notice of Injury’ with the com­pa­ny’s work­ers com­pen­sa­tion car­ri­er. If they did not the claim may be denied and become your respon­si­bil­i­ty. Please check with your employ­er regard­ing the sta­tus of your work­er’s com­pen­sa­tion claim. Once you have received your claim num­ber from your employ­er or work­ers com­pen­sa­tion car­ri­er, please con­tact our office with this infor­ma­tion so we may file your claim. 

What if I am hav­ing dif­fi­cul­ties pay­ing my bill in full?
If you are unin­sured, under­in­sured or hav­ing finan­cial dif­fi­cul­ty, please con­tact our Finan­cial Coun­selor to dis­cuss pay­ment plans or finan­cial assis­tance that may be available. 

What if I have moved or changes my address?
It is your respon­si­bil­i­ty to pro­vide us with a cur­rent mail­ing address and phone num­ber. If you have moved or changed your address, please call to update your information.