new patient Paperwork

For your con­ve­nience, we have pro­vid­ed most of our patient forms online. You may either com­plete the paper­work elec­tron­i­cal­ly and print it out, or print the paper­work and com­plete it by hand. Bring the com­plet­ed copy of your form(s) with you to your appointment.

To ensure all infor­ma­tion is added to your chart, and to max­i­mize your time with the provider, please plan to arrive 30 min­utes ear­ly if you choose to bring your paper­work with you.

appoint­ment requests

Patients who have estab­lished an account on our Patient Por­tal have the option to request an appoint­ment using the Patient Portal.

adult patient paperwork

If you are a new patient in the pri­ma­ry care, sur­gi­cal, or der­ma­tol­ogy clin­ics, please com­plete pri­or to your visit. 

pediatric patient paperwork

If your child is a new patient in our pedi­atric clin­ic, please com­plete pri­or to your visit. 

OB/GYN paperwork

If you are a new patient in our wom­en’s health clin­ic, please down­load and com­plete before your visit. 

advance directive

An advance direc­tive allows you to make deci­sions about your future health care and who you want to make those deci­sions for you if you are unable.