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The pharmacy provides pharmaceutical coverage for the hospital and all patients. They have expanded technology within the department to help ensure precise dispensing of medication, detailed record keeping and timely medication administration. 

The pharmacy at Ivinson uses a MediTech computer system plus a bar-coding system that accommodates point of care scanning and medication administration. This system helps ensure that the proper medication is given to the correct patient. We also utilize a PYXIS Automated Dispensing System. 

should I bring my medications with me when I’m admitted to the hospital?

It is very important that the healthcare professionals at the hospital know exactly what medications you take. The best solution to this is to bring a current list of your medications but if you don’t have a list the next best thing is to bring your medications. 

is it important for me to tell hospital personnel about over the counter products that I am taking?

Yes. Over the counter medications contain real drugs and have the potential to seriously interact with prescription medications. Also, many over the counter products contain acetaminophen which is toxic to the liver if more than 4000 mg/​day are ingested. 

is it acceptable for me to take my own medications when I am in the hospital?

For safety and regulatory reasons, IMH allows patients to take their own medications only when the medication is not on the hospital formulary and not readily available from our suppliers. The vast majority of the time, patients use medications provided by IMH. 

where can I find information on the medications I take?

Your best source of information is your pharmacist or physician. Also, there is a massive amount of information available on the internet. 

does IMH have an outpatient pharmacy?

No. The pharmacy at IMH does not fill outpatient prescriptions. When patients are discharged they will need to get their prescriptions filled at a community pharmacy. 

if my doctor orders a multi-dose medication (e.g. inhaler or liquid antibiotic) for me while I am in the hospital, what happens to that medication when I am discharged?

Multi-dose containers of medication are to be sent home with the patient when discharged from the hospital. 

is a generic really as good as a brand name medication?

Most people believe that if something costs more it has to be better quality. In the case of generic drugs, this is not true. The FDA standards for quality are the same for brand name and generic products. 

will I continue to take my herbal (alternative) medications while I’m in the hospital?

Because herbal medications are not FDA approved and therefore not subjected to purity or quality tests, it is our policy not to stock or dispense herbal medications. If the patient insists on taking herbals while hospitalized, the physician will order the medications and it will be necessary for the patient to provide their own herbal medications.