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The phar­macy provides phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal cover­age for the hospi­tal and all patients. They have expanded tech­nol­ogy within the depart­ment to help ensure precise dispens­ing of medica­tion, detailed record keep­ing and timely medica­tion administration. 

The phar­macy at Ivin­son uses a MediTech computer system plus a bar-coding system that accom­mo­dates point of care scan­ning and medica­tion admin­is­tra­tion. This system helps ensure that the proper medica­tion is given to the correct patient. We also utilize a PYXIS Auto­mated Dispens­ing System. 

should I bring my medica­tions with me when I’m admit­ted to the hospital?

It is very impor­tant that the health­care profes­sion­als at the hospi­tal know exactly what medica­tions you take. The best solu­tion to this is to bring a current list of your medica­tions but if you don’t have a list the next best thing is to bring your medications. 

is it impor­tant for me to tell hospi­tal person­nel about over the counter prod­ucts that I am taking?

Yes. Over the counter medica­tions contain real drugs and have the poten­tial to seri­ously inter­act with prescrip­tion medica­tions. Also, many over the counter prod­ucts contain aceta­minophen which is toxic to the liver if more than 4000 mg/​day are ingested. 

is it accept­able for me to take my own medica­tions when I am in the hospital?

For safety and regu­la­tory reasons, IMH allows patients to take their own medica­tions only when the medica­tion is not on the hospi­tal formu­lary and not read­ily avail­able from our suppli­ers. The vast major­ity of the time, patients use medica­tions provided by IMH

where can I find infor­ma­tion on the medica­tions I take?

Your best source of infor­ma­tion is your phar­ma­cist or physi­cian. Also, there is a massive amount of infor­ma­tion avail­able on the internet. 

does IMH have an outpa­tient pharmacy?

No. The phar­macy at IMH does not fill outpa­tient prescrip­tions. When patients are discharged they will need to get their prescrip­tions filled at a commu­nity pharmacy. 

if my doctor orders a multi-dose medica­tion (e.g. inhaler or liquid antibi­otic) for me while I am in the hospi­tal, what happens to that medica­tion when I am discharged?

Multi-dose contain­ers of medica­tion are to be sent home with the patient when discharged from the hospital. 

is a generic really as good as a brand name medication?

Most people believe that if some­thing costs more it has to be better qual­ity. In the case of generic drugs, this is not true. The FDA stan­dards for qual­ity are the same for brand name and generic products. 

will I continue to take my herbal (alter­na­tive) medica­tions while I’m in the hospital?

Because herbal medica­tions are not FDA approved and there­fore not subjected to purity or qual­ity tests, it is our policy not to stock or dispense herbal medica­tions. If the patient insists on taking herbals while hospi­tal­ized, the physi­cian will order the medica­tions and it will be neces­sary for the patient to provide their own herbal medications.