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Students Opportunities

Ivinson Memorial Hospital provides opportunities to observe members of our healthcare team performing the duties of their specialized roles. Observers are able to see how hospital departments function internally, and how they integrate with the healthcare system as a whole.

If you are interested in coming to Ivinson as an observer, please contact the department or professional who you wish to observe. The following links are useful for finding and contacting our providers and departments, respectively.

If the department or professional is non-clinical, please call (307) 7422141 to have the operator place you in contact with them.

Once a professional has agreed to accommodate an observation, please email the Education Department with your contact information and your desired specialty or department you would like to observe, and they will provide you with the necessary forms and documents.

Please note that, while we strive to accommodate all requests, we may not be able to provide observation opportunities for all who seek them.