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Featured Story 15 August 2019

Your Health Records, Your Way

Meet Epic, the new electronic health record at Ivinson Memorial Hospital.

In the early hours of Saturday, August 24, Ivinson Memorial Hospital will convert its electronic health record (EHR) system from Meditech, to Epic, the leading provider of electronic health records in the country.

Why the change?

As an affiliate of UCHealth, Ivinson has the unique opportunity to partner with UCHealth in offering our patients and team the best in electronic health records. This switch allows patients to have easy access to their medical record at home and away.

Why are you taking my photo?

IMH registration staff is now taking photos of every patient. The photo is stored in your EHR and is visible to all practitioners at the hospital and clinics. Adding your photo to your EHR is important to ensuring your provider accurately identifies you. Patient photos will improve the quality of patient care and the quality of patient interactions. There are secondary benefits to adding patient photos to the EHR, as it will help reduce insurance fraud due to identity theft and misrepresentation. You have the option to decline or defer having the photo taken, but you will be encouraged to do so for your own benefit.

What do I need to do?

At the first visit after August 24, 2019, patients will need to bring a valid driver’s license or ID, as this information will not be moved into the new EHR.

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Why should I enroll in My Health Connection?

Patients are encouraged to sign up for My Health Connection, the patient portal that allows patients access to their medical record. Visit ivin​son​hos​pi​tal​.org/​p​ortal for enrollment instructions. All documentation for services after August 24, 2019 can be found in My Health Connection.

In addition to reviewing medical information, including medications, immunizations, allergies and medical history, patients can:

  • Make appointments and receive appointment reminders at Ivinson Medical Group.
  • Receive lab and test results online.
  • Communicate with your provider via e‑mail.

There’s an app for that.

Take your health record with you, thanks to the UCHealth App. The app integrates with My Health Connection to give you more ways to track and interact with your health, including access to your medical record and test results, health news, healthy recipes, exercises and inspirational patient stories. The UCHealth App is available from the Google Play Store for Android devices (version 5.0 or higher), and via the iTunes store for iPhones (iOS9 or higher) – search UCHealth.”

What happens to my medical records prior to August 24?

All documentation for services prior to August 24, 2019 will be available for patients to access through Ivinson’s patient portal at imh​pa​tient​por​tal​.com. If desired, please download copies of any information you would like to have for your personal medical records. The patient portal will be available for patients until late 2020. After that, information will still be available through Medical Records at Ivinson; patients can call (307) 7554560.

What if I need access to my records or still have questions?

For assistance with questions or to access medical records, patients are encouraged to call Medical Records at Ivinson at (307) 7554560.

Health Information Exchange

As of August 24, 2019, Ivinson will participate in a Health Information Exchange (HIE). The goal of the HIE is to facilitate access to and retrieval of clinical data to provide safe, more timely, efficient, effective and equitable patient-centered care. HIE is also used by public health authorities to assist in the analysis of the health of populations. Health information is protected and exchanged under strict medical privacy and confidentiality procedures.

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Why did I get more than one bill?

Because we are switching to Epic on August 24, 2019, patients may receive multiple bills. Services prior to August 24, 2019 will be billed separately from services after we go-live with Epic on August 24.

Can I still set-up a payment plan for my bill?

Yes, patients can still set-up payment plans for their Ivinson bills. Please call the Business Office at (307) 7554380 to discuss payment plan options.

Can I continue to pay my bills online?

Yes, patients can continue to pay their bills online through the bill payment system by visiting ivin​son​hos​pi​tal​.org and selecting Bill Pay’ at the top of the page. Both bills prior to August 24, 2019 and after August 24, 2019 will be available in this bill pay system. Patients will also have the ability to pay their bills directly in My Health Connection for services after August 242019

For more information about Ivinson’s transition to Epic, contact Sagan Wheeler at (307) 7554602.