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Your Health Records, Your Way

Meet Epic, the new electronic health record at Ivinson Memorial Hospital.

In the ear­ly hours of Sat­ur­day, August 24, Ivin­son Memo­r­i­al Hos­pi­tal will con­vert its elec­tron­ic health record (EHR) sys­tem from Meditech, to Epic, the lead­ing provider of elec­tron­ic health records in the country.

Why the change?

As an affil­i­ate of UCHealth, Ivin­son has the unique oppor­tu­ni­ty to part­ner with UCHealth in offer­ing our patients and team the best in elec­tron­ic health records. This switch allows patients to have easy access to their med­ical record at home and away.

Why are you tak­ing my photo?

IMH reg­is­tra­tion staff is now tak­ing pho­tos of every patient. The pho­to is stored in your EHR and is vis­i­ble to all prac­ti­tion­ers at the hos­pi­tal and clin­ics. Adding your pho­to to your EHR is impor­tant to ensur­ing your provider accu­rate­ly iden­ti­fies you. Patient pho­tos will improve the qual­i­ty of patient care and the qual­i­ty of patient inter­ac­tions. There are sec­ondary ben­e­fits to adding patient pho­tos to the EHR, as it will help reduce insur­ance fraud due to iden­ti­ty theft and mis­rep­re­sen­ta­tion. You have the option to decline or defer hav­ing the pho­to tak­en, but you will be encour­aged to do so for your own benefit.

What do I need to do?

At the first vis­it after August 24, 2019, patients will need to bring a valid driver’s license or ID, as this infor­ma­tion will not be moved into the new EHR.

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Why should I enroll in My Health Connection?

Patients are encour­aged to sign up for My Health Con­nec­tion, the patient por­tal that allows patients access to their med­ical record. Vis­it ivin​son​hos​pi​tal​.org/​p​ortal for enroll­ment instruc­tions. All doc­u­men­ta­tion for ser­vices after August 24, 2019 can be found in My Health Connection.

In addi­tion to review­ing med­ical infor­ma­tion, includ­ing med­ica­tions, immu­niza­tions, aller­gies and med­ical his­to­ry, patients can:

  • Make appoint­ments and receive appoint­ment reminders at Ivin­son Med­ical Group.
  • Receive lab and test results online.
  • Com­mu­ni­cate with your provider via e‑mail.

There’s an app for that.

Take your health record with you, thanks to the UCHealth App. The app inte­grates with My Health Con­nec­tion to give you more ways to track and inter­act with your health, includ­ing access to your med­ical record and test results, health news, healthy recipes, exer­cis­es and inspi­ra­tional patient sto­ries. The UCHealth App is avail­able from the Google Play Store for Android devices (ver­sion 5.0 or high­er), and via the iTunes store for iPhones (iOS9 or high­er) – search UCHealth.”

What hap­pens to my med­ical records pri­or to August 24?

All doc­u­men­ta­tion for ser­vices pri­or to August 24, 2019 will be avail­able for patients to access through Ivin­son’s patient por­tal at imh​pa​tient​por​tal​.com. If desired, please down­load copies of any infor­ma­tion you would like to have for your per­son­al med­ical records. The patient por­tal will be avail­able for patients until late 2020. After that, infor­ma­tion will still be avail­able through Med­ical Records at Ivin­son; patients can call (307) 7554560.

What if I need access to my records or still have questions?

For assis­tance with ques­tions or to access med­ical records, patients are encour­aged to call Med­ical Records at Ivin­son at (307) 7554560.

Health Infor­ma­tion Exchange

As of August 24, 2019, Ivin­son will par­tic­i­pate in a Health Infor­ma­tion Exchange (HIE). The goal of the HIE is to facil­i­tate access to and retrieval of clin­i­cal data to pro­vide safe, more time­ly, effi­cient, effec­tive and equi­table patient-cen­tered care. HIE is also used by pub­lic health author­i­ties to assist in the analy­sis of the health of pop­u­la­tions. Health infor­ma­tion is pro­tect­ed and exchanged under strict med­ical pri­va­cy and con­fi­den­tial­i­ty procedures.

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Why did I get more than one bill?

Because we are switch­ing to Epic on August 24, 2019, patients may receive mul­ti­ple bills. Ser­vices pri­or to August 24, 2019 will be billed sep­a­rate­ly from ser­vices after we go-live with Epic on August 24.

Can I still set-up a pay­ment plan for my bill?

Yes, patients can still set-up pay­ment plans for their Ivin­son bills. Please call the Busi­ness Office at (307) 7554380 to dis­cuss pay­ment plan options.

Can I con­tin­ue to pay my bills online?

Yes, patients can con­tin­ue to pay their bills online through the bill pay­ment sys­tem by vis­it­ing ivin​son​hos​pi​tal​.org and select­ing Bill Pay’ at the top of the page. Both bills pri­or to August 24, 2019 and after August 24, 2019 will be avail­able in this bill pay sys­tem. Patients will also have the abil­i­ty to pay their bills direct­ly in My Health Con­nec­tion for ser­vices after August 242019

For more infor­ma­tion about Ivinson’s tran­si­tion to Epic, con­tact Sagan Wheel­er at (307) 7554602.

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