Featured Story Written By Breann Lujan-Halcon

7 Ways to Make The Most of Social Distancing

Did you already binge watch all your favorite shows? Burnt out on screen time? Don’t let social distancing make you feel isolated, try these 7 tips and tricks to keep from feeling cooped up.

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By this time you have heard all the lat­est terms sur­round­ing coro­n­avirus… flat­ten the curve, social dis­tanc­ing, self-iso­la­tion, shel­ter in place, work­ing remote­ly. The new lin­go is not just what peo­ple are say­ing these days, but what health­care providers are rec­om­mend­ing to fight this cur­rent pandemic.

For those of you that are work­ing and school­ing from home, your new rou­tine may be a dif­fi­cult adjust­ment, and let’s face it — bor­ing. While stay­ing home is not man­dat­ed, it is high­ly rec­om­mend­ed to help stop the spread of res­pi­ra­to­ry dis­eases like coronavirus. 

Social Dis­tanc­ing does not mean social iso­la­tion — call a fam­i­ly mem­ber or friend to check in. Face­time or uti­lize video call­ing apps to share a smile with some­one you are think­ing about. 

Zoom is bring­ing peo­ple togeth­er not only for week­ly meet­ings, but also for vir­tu­al hap­py hour, cof­fee with a friend and date night via com­put­er screen. Social gath­er­ings don’t have to be in per­son, throw a vir­tu­al House­p­a­r­ty and don’t wor­ry about hav­ing to pick up after.

Are those emo­jis not cut­ting it? For­get about check­ing your inbox and start check­ing your mail­box. Take advan­tage of your extra time and write a let­ter, by hand! Snail mail is alive and well and for 55 cents you can bright­en someone’s day with a hand writ­ten note- just because. 

A perk of liv­ing in Wyoming is its wide open spaces, some­times there may not be anoth­er per­son for miles. Hike (or bike) your favorite trail, take your favorite four-legged friend for a walk or try to reel in a big one. Adven­ture is out there, and you don’t have to go far (or be too close to oth­ers) to find it. 

Find new trailsto explore or plan your next fish­ing expe­di­tion.

Not up for that much adven­ture? Take a vir­tu­al tour! 

Trav­el from Yel­low­stone to Den­ver from your kitchen table. The Nation­al Park Ser­vice is bring­ing Yel­low­stone Nation­al Park to you with their online vir­tu­al tours. Explore mud vol­canos and hot springs before pop­ping over for the safari expe­ri­ence and bring the Zoo to You.

Don’t let the snow fool you, spring is real­ly here. Tack­le those projects you seem to nev­er have time for while also eas­ing your nerves. Deep clean your bath­room, orga­nize your cab­i­nets or purge your clos­et. Declut­ter­ing your space has proven effects of improv­ing your men­tal health. 

Chanel your inner Pin­ter­est per­son­al­i­ty and take time to get cre­ative. Try an online pop up paint par­ty, take up a new hob­by, or learn to cook a new dish. You could come out of social dis­tanc­ing as the next Iron Chef or maybe have a new side hustle. 

Your gym might be closed but that does not mean you can’t break a sweat. Take your work­out to the next vir­tu­al lev­el. Check in with your favorite gym or stu­dio online as many are bring­ing your work­out to you. Try Cross­Fit from the com­fort of your own home, give Pilates a try or unwind with yoga. Exer­cise is med­i­cine, so get those endor­phins flowing.

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