Featured Story Written By Shelby Quintana

A Day For Doctors

March 30 commemorates National Doctor’s Day — a holiday honoring physicians, their work and their contributions to both the community and society.

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A career as a physi­cian requires possess­ing a unique body of knowl­edge and skills and carries the life-impact­ing respon­si­bil­ity of caring for patients.

Kim West­brook, an OB/GYN in the Women’s Health Clinic at Ivin­son Medical Group, did not intend to become a physi­cian. She was study­ing chem­i­cal engi­neer­ing at the Univer­sity of Wyoming with the goal to work on the arti­fi­cial liver as a biomed­ical engi­neer. Once I delved deeper into biomed­ical engi­neer­ing, I real­ized I did not enjoy work­ing in a labo­ra­tory setting as much as I thought I would,” says Dr. Westbrook.

She began work­ing in the Emer­gency Depart­ment at Ivin­son Memo­r­ial Hospi­tal as a unit secre­tary and completed an EMT class to get expe­ri­ence with clin­i­cal medi­cine. I absolutely loved these expe­ri­ences,” says Dr. West­brook. She decided to apply to medical school, know­ing she would have the option to do clinic medi­cine or go back to biomed­ical research.

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The further I made it through medical school, the more obvi­ous it become that I was meant to take care of patients,” says Dr. West­brook. I absolutely love the personal aspect of being a physi­cian and caring for patients.”

At Ivin­son, our physi­cians believe that patients deserve excep­tional care and are devoted to provid­ing inte­grated and inno­v­a­tive health­care to our commu­nity. All of us entered health­care to care for patients,” says Dr. Paul John­son, surgeon at Ivin­son Medical Group. It’s nice to be part of a team and orga­ni­za­tion that puts this value first.”

Dr. John­son is an otolaryn­gol­o­gist, focused on provid­ing medical and surgi­cal care for the ears, nose, throat and struc­tures of the head and neck. I love the field of otolaryn­gol­ogy because of the diver­sity of patients,” says Dr. John­son. It also allows me to prac­tice both medi­cine and surgery.”

Through­out recent years, the role of a physi­cian has changed. Contin­ued advance­ments in medical tech­nol­ogy, proce­dures, stan­dards of care and new phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals have required physi­cians across the medical field to adapt and work to improve with each patient they see.

In addi­tion to their chang­ing roles, our physi­cians have expe­ri­enced a shift in the way they approach medical treat­ments. Ivin­son is proud to utilize a patient-centric care model, devoted to creat­ing a rela­tion­ship with our patients. Patient-centric means truly devel­op­ing a part­ner­ship between the patient and their providers,” says Dr. West­brook. This is accom­plished by engag­ing the patient and their support team in medical decisions.”

The patient-centric model requires an elevated level of commu­ni­ca­tion between patients and their physi­cians, but leads to improved diag­nos­tics and ther­a­peu­tic results. By includ­ing patients in these deci­sions, they take owner­ship of their own health­care,” says Dr. West­brook. This owner­ship increases patients’ moti­va­tion to imple­ment bene­fi­cial changes in their daily lives.”

Dr. Matthew Sorensen, Medical Oncol­o­gist, uses the patient-centric model with our patients battling cancer. Dr. Sorensen has an amaz­ing way of making patients feel confi­dent and comfort­able in their deci­sions and care,” says Amy Smith, direc­tor of the Mered­ith and Jean­nie Ray Cancer Center at Ivin­son. He believes our patients deserve high-qual­ity care and he goes out of his way to make sure we are always provid­ing that, from improv­ing processes to collab­o­rat­ing with other UCHealth doctors.”

Ivin­son is proud to work with caring, thought­ful physi­cians who are dedi­cated to our patients. Dr. Sorensen is one of the best providers that I have had the priv­i­lege to work with,” says Amy. He is approach­able and easy to talk to. My staff feel comfort­able going to him with any ques­tions or concerns they have about our patients and their care.”

Our physi­cians work to promote well­ness and heal­ing within our commu­nity and are guided by the philos­o­phy that our patients deserve excep­tional care. In addi­tion to provid­ing medical treat­ment, physi­cians work to develop a true rela­tion­ship with their patients. From pedi­atrics to primary care, surgery and cancer treat­ments, our doctors go above and beyond expec­ta­tions to deliver the high­est level of health­care to our community.