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Albany County Face Covering Requirement

On November 4, 2020, the Albany County Public Health Office declared a face covering requirement for Albany County. This order goes into effect Friday, November 5th, please read their press release below.

Proper mask use 2020 4

Dr. Alex­ia Har­rist, Wyoming State Pub­lic Health Offi­cer has issued a Pub­lic Health Order that requires peo­ple in Albany Coun­ty, with some excep­tions, to wear facial cov­er­ings in cer­tain pub­lic set­tings. The order is in response to dra­mat­i­cal­ly increas­ing infec­tions of the COVID-19 virus in Albany Coun­ty and through­out the state. The order is effec­tive on Fri­day, Novem­ber 6, 2020 at 5:00pm

The 6‑page order was issued at the request of the Albany Coun­ty Pub­lic Health Offi­cer after con­sul­ta­tion with Com­mu­ni­ty Part­ners, includ­ing busi­ness pro­fes­sion­als and pub­lic offi­cials and is mod­eled after orders already issued for Laramie Coun­ty and Teton Coun­ty. The order requires masks when wait­ing in line to enter a busi­ness or inside a busi­ness. The request is an effort to increase com­pli­ance in the com­mu­ni­ty with CDC guide­lines that include fre­quent hand wash­ing, social dis­tanc­ing and encour­ag­ing peo­ple to remain iso­lat­ed when they do not feel well. Local­ly, the order is intend­ed to slow the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the chances of over­whelm­ing our lim­it­ed local health facil­i­ties and resources.

As of Novem­ber 4, 2020, there were 12,675 con­firmed cas­es of COVID-19 statewide and 1,517 cas­es in Albany Coun­ty. The World Health Orga­ni­za­tion declared a world­wide pan­dem­ic on March 11th and Pres­i­dent Trump declared a Nation­al Emer­gency on March 13th. Facial cov­er­ings are wide­ly believed to lim­it the spread of Coro­na Virus from infect­ed indi­vid­u­als and pub­lished research shows up to 85% effectiveness.

Albany Coun­ty is a major trans­porta­tion hub and home to the Uni­ver­si­ty of Wyoming. The Coun­ty was labeled a Red Zone Coun­ty” in ear­ly Octo­ber by the White House Coro­n­avirus Task Force while urg­ing increased cau­tion and con­tin­ued use of facial coverings.

The full order can be found at www​.City​ofLaramie​.org/​masks

and com­pre­hen­sive infor­ma­tion is avail­able at CDC​.gov.

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