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Hospital Updates Written By Kendle Dockham

Cafeteria Survey

Results show employees, guests are happy with new changes to the cafeteria, but are looking for more variety.

Imag­ine this: it is a typ­i­cal work day at Ivin­son, and 0830 has rolled around once again. It’s a great time to swing through the café for some Laramie-famous bis­cuits and gravy. With a full bel­ly and a free cup of joe from the cof­fee sta­tion, it’s time to take on the day (or hit the sack, depend­ing on the shift).

On days like these, it’s easy to over­look just how much is going on in the cafe­te­ria. Between the hours of 6:30 AM and 7:00 PM, many employ­ees, guests and patients alike shuf­fle through the café to get their food-fix. On any giv­en day, Moun­tain View Café serves an aver­age of 550 peo­ple, (which is not count­ing the guests and patients who order food direct­ly to their room).

This num­ber has grown steadi­ly in the last year, par­tial­ly due to the addi­tion of the Med­ical Offices at Ivin­son, but also in large part due to improve­ments and changes made to the cafe­te­ria. In an effort to fur­ther improve guest sat­is­fac­tion scores, Erin Michel, direc­tor of Nutri­tion­al Ser­vices, recent­ly con­duct­ed a sur­vey ask­ing guests to rate their expe­ri­ence in the cafe­te­ria and give feed­back on menu options, food qual­i­ty and oth­er recent changes to the café. 

Over the course of a month, 172 sur­veys were com­plet­ed, reveal­ing three con­sis­tent themes across most respons­es. Specif­i­cal­ly, guests were espe­cial­ly vocal in regards to clean­li­ness, food taste and tem­per­a­ture and menu variety. 

Fol­low­ing the sur­vey, the dietary staff craved to address these areas of con­cern, as well as a few oth­er issues with the flow of the space. After tak­ing time to con­duct dis­cov­ery and some brain­storm­ing, the staff began imple­ment­ing some of their new ideas. 

We want­ed to empow­er fel­low staff mem­bers to help us keep the space clean, so we pur­chased a Swif­fer mop,” said Erin. The mop is locat­ed in the back by the dish wash drop-off. When a staff mem­ber wit­ness­es a spill or dirty floor, they are encour­aged to help keep things tidy dur­ing the busy hours.”

While pass­ing through the cafe­te­ria, you may have also noticed new loca­tions for the cof­fee sta­tions and soup wells, as well as sub­tle updates to the sal­ad bar. These changes have helped to free up space and to reduce the num­ber of traf­fic jams dur­ing peak hours. 

Addi­tion­al­ly, Erin boasts, We have added a new sum­mer menu, too!” Addi­tions like man­go sal­sa and unique vari­a­tions of the tra­di­tion­al salmon filet are tak­ing the stage, giv­ing guests the option of adding fresh­er and lighter options into their diet. The staff has real­ly enjoyed com­ing up with new items to try,” said Erin. 

Erin has even recruit­ed the help of oth­er depart­ments to assist in the café’s new ini­tia­tives. In a unique col­lab­o­ra­tion with Arnold Salo from Engi­neer­ing, the cafe­te­ria has plans to uti­lize his weld­ing skills to mod­i­fy the hot line to warm up new menu items like stir-fry.

All in all, Erin and her team have been hard at work, push­ing to improve the qual­i­ty of the cafe­te­ria and to pro­vide guests with an excep­tion­al expe­ri­ence. As the cafe­te­ria con­tin­ues to make improve­ments and grow, we’re beyond excit­ed to see what’s being served next.

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