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Employee Spotlight

Carree Weitzel, House Supervisor

Carree is the nightshift House Supervisor and an Ivinson Ambassador.

At six years old, Car­ree Weitzel knew she want­ed to be a nurse. At a very young age she admired her great aunt, an ER/ICU nurse and Car­ree knew she was des­tined for a sim­i­lar path. After 39 years in the nurs­ing pro­fes­sion, Car­ree will tell you it’s a per­fect match.

I real­ly love my job, and this hos­pi­tal,” Car­ree said. I’ve done a lot of areas of nurs­ing. I’ve done basi­cal­ly all areas in a hos­pi­tal set­ting but I real­ly enjoy being house super­vi­sor. I just love my job. It’s just enough as far as doing man­age­ment stuff sit­ting at a desk, but you’re still able to get out there with the staff and be there for the patients and the fam­i­ly mem­bers. I love it, it’s the per­fect job.”

Car­ree came to Ivin­son in 1990 as a team mem­ber on Cross­roads, what we now call Behav­ioral Health. In 1994, she moved into a house super­vi­sor posi­tion, which she has been doing for the last 26 years. For 25 of those years she has worked night­shift and she will tell you, it’s her favorite.

I love the night­shift I always have. I real­ly like the com­radery and peo­ple are very close, all depart­ments are. I think we work real­ly well as a team. It’s kind of like a skele­ton crew so you real­ly depend on oth­er team mem­bers and not just with­in your unit. You kind of depend on all units.”

Start­ing her work day at 7 PM, Car­ree over­sees the well-oiled machine of around 25 peo­ple that keep the hos­pi­tal run­ning at night.

Before I came here, I was work­ing in a small hos­pi­tal. Work­ing in a small hos­pi­tal, you kind of did every­thing. I’ve done a lot of areas of nurs­ing but I’d have to say that being house sup is my favorite. It’s just a lit­tle bit of man­age­ment stuff but you still have your hands in with the patients, with fam­i­ly mem­bers. It’s just the per­fect mixture.”

Car­ree also serves as an Ivin­son Ambas­sador and plays a vital part in coor­di­nat­ing treats and involve­ment of night­shift. If you ask her, Car­ree will tell you that her night shift fam­i­ly is one of her favorite parts of the job.

I real­ly enjoy talk­ing with fam­i­lies, espe­cial­ly when fam­i­lies are hav­ing a dif­fi­cult time. That’s where I feel, or at least I’m hop­ing, that I’m giv­ing them the com­fort that they are need­ing and that, to me, is a big thing. Besides the patients, the fam­i­lies are my favorite part, just try­ing to make a dif­fer­ence for them when they come to Ivinson.”

When she is not at Ivin­son, Car­ree lives dayshift hours to spend time with her hus­band and five grand­kids that she adores. She enjoys col­lege ath­let­ics and does not shy away from wear­ing her Corn­husker red in the mid­dle of the stu­dent sec­tion dur­ing foot­ball sea­son. If she isn’t home unwind­ing at her piano, Car­ree enjoys hik­ing and bik­ing with her hus­band in their favorite place, Estes Park, Colorado. 

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