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Doctor's Day

Every March 30, we take the day to celebrate and thank Doctors.

On March 30, we rec­og­nize an impor­tant pil­lar of Ivin­son and our com­mu­ni­ty, the doc­tors that care for us. We cel­e­brate Doctor’s Day and take time to thank those that have ded­i­cat­ed their lives to serv­ing the health of others. 

In cel­e­bra­tion of the hard work doc­tors pro­vide to their patients and the com­mu­ni­ty, we asked our physi­cians why they pur­sued the noble pro­fes­sion in the first place. We asked who and what inspired them to become a spe­cial­ist, a gen­er­al­ist, a care giv­er, a doc­tor. Here’s what they said:

Dr. Emma Bjore

When I was young, my par­ents owned an inde­pen­dent phar­ma­cy. I often would go with them as they deliv­ered med­ica­tions to cus­tomers. At an ear­ly age, I was able to observe my par­ents treat­ing old­er adults with great respect. They often would stay extra and lis­ten to sto­ries their cus­tomers shared. I found these vis­its to be fas­ci­nat­ing. Hear­ing about their lives and enjoy­ing our time togeth­er had a huge impact on me. It influ­enced me to not only become a doc­tor, but to be a geriatrician.”

Dr. Sameera Fareed
Internal Medicine

My father was a physi­cian and he was my great­est inspi­ra­tion to become a doctor.”

Dr. Farrukh Javaid
Internal Medicine

My fam­i­ly was a big moti­va­tor to go to med school, but I chose inter­nal med­i­cine because I enjoy talk­ing with my patients. They come to me about their prob­lems and I always enjoy when I can fix them.”

Dr. Samantha Herriott
Women's Health

When I was in col­lege prepar­ing for med­ical school, I worked as a man­ag­er for a small per­fume store. The major­i­ty of my employ­ees came from the city of Flint, Michi­gan which was unfor­tu­nate­ly under­served in women’s health care and had a high rate of teen preg­nan­cy. After work­ing with sev­er­al young women from this area and hear­ing their strug­gles, I felt very com­pelled to work hard for women’s rights and easy access to con­tra­cep­tion and pre­na­tal care.”

Dr. Paul Johnson

I became a sur­geon because I enjoy tak­ing care of peo­ple and being able to work with my hands.”

Dr. Kim Westbrook
Women's Health

The most inspir­ing per­son I met dur­ing my path to become a physi­cian was Dr. Robert McGuire. He was an OB/GYN in Cheyenne for many years. He found­ed Cheyenne OB/GYN in 1979. He is the rea­son I decid­ed to spe­cial­ize in OB/GYN. Dur­ing my time with him as a stu­dent, he demon­strat­ed every char­ac­ter­is­tic of a phe­nom­e­nal physi­cian. The rela­tion­ships he devel­oped with his patients each day were unlike any I had ever observed. These rela­tion­ships ran deep and exten­sive through women’s lives and fam­i­lies. He demon­strat­ed the impor­tance of tru­ly lis­ten­ing to the patient, and devel­op­ing a plan as a team. He empow­ered his patients to strive to be health­i­er each day. Dr. McGuire insist­ed that qual­i­ty care should be our first and only goal.” 

Dr. Eric Uhlman

My dad was an urol­o­gist and I knew very ear­ly on that I want­ed to be a doc­tor. I thought I was going to be a gen­er­al sur­geon. I real­ly enjoyed med­ical school and the surgery spe­cial­ty appealed to me. It’s kind of gad­gety and it’s allur­ing to be able to have such an instant effect on someone’s health.” 

Dr. Vijaya Koduri

My dad was my inspi­ra­tion to become a doc­tor. He was a pedi­a­tri­cian. I felt his pas­sion in car­ing for chil­dren and to express their full poten­tial by keep­ing them healthy at all times.”

Dr. Derek Ewell
Women's Health

I had a high school Biol­o­gy and Phys­i­ol­o­gy teacher, Alan Jag­gi. He saw some­thing in me that I nev­er saw. He instilled in me that the sci­ences were fun. He changed how I looked at school from the first time I had him as a teacher. He made learn­ing fun, and for the first time in my life, I had a pas­sion for some­thing oth­er than hunt­ing and trucks. He showed me that my love for sci­ence could go fur­ther and pushed me to use this ener­gy to help peo­ple. 11/​12th grade sci­ence is when I first thought of med­i­cine as a career. With­out a men­tor like Alan Jag­gi I may not be in medicine.”

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