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Don't Pay For A Sports Physical

At Ivinson Medical Group, we have a team of providers who are here to help make sure your child is ready to compete in the upcoming sports season.

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As summer contin­ues to move at warped speed, many parents are begin­ning to think about sports phys­i­cals for their chil­dren who plan to play sports this upcom­ing school year.

At Ivin­son Medical Group, we have a team of providers in our Pedi­atric and Family Care Clinic who are here to help make sure your child is ready to compete! 

We recently sat down with Dr. Kelly Follett, a Pedi­a­tri­cian at Ivin­son Medical Group to discuss the options parents and chil­dren have for complet­ing annual sports physicals. 

While a sports phys­i­cal has one func­tion, to clear chil­dren and teenagers to play orga­nized sports, a compre­hen­sive well-visit offers the sports phys­i­cal along with many other bene­fits. During a well-child visit, we are able to answer numer­ous ques­tions parents may have regard­ing concerns about their child that may include sleep­ing issues, normal devel­op­ment, prob­lems he/​she is having in school, etc.,” said Follett. We are able to follow up on any medical prob­lems a child may have, includ­ing medica­tion refills. We are also able to provide immu­niza­tions at this visit and do any screen­ing labs that might be recommended.”

Annual well-visits aren’t just for babies and chil­dren! For our teenagers, we also screen for depres­sion and discuss things like substance use and other topics that are specific to teenager devel­op­ment. Being able to address all of these topics on a yearly basis during a compre­hen­sive well-child visit is crit­i­cal for promot­ing good health in our preteen/​teenage popu­la­tion,” Dr. Follett explained.

When prepar­ing your child or teenager for the school year and sports seasons, consider a compre­hen­sive well-child visit over a stand-along sports phys­i­cal. A child should absolutely get a compre­hen­sive well-child visit because we can cover all the issues listed above and we will also fill out the sports phys­i­cal form at the same visit,” encour­aged Follett. 

The Pedi­atric and Family Care Clinic at Ivin­son Medical Group has three physi­cians and a Nurse Prac­ti­tioner, all of whom offer well-child visits. There is no need to wait to see one of our providers with appoint­ment avail­abil­ity within a day or two from sched­ul­ing. An annual well visit is covered in full under most major medical insur­ance providers. For ques­tions or to sched­ule your child’s appoint­ment, call our Ivin­son Medical Group at (307) 7554540.