Provider Spotlight

Dr. Eric Uhlman

Dr. Eric Uhlman knew when he was a child that he wanted to go into the medical field. His father worked as a physician, once letting him observe one of his surgeries when Dr. Uhlman was a young teen. It was this moment that inspired him to become a surgeon.


At first, Dr. Uhlman was inter­ested in general surgery. He went on to attend medical school at Temple Univer­sity School of Medi­cine in Philadel­phia. Through his educa­tion and his work expe­ri­ences, Dr. Uhlman found that he was drawn to urology.

Urol­o­gists are special­ized surgeons, focused on treat­ing diseases in the urinary tract and the male repro­duc­tive system. 

When there is a prob­lem in your urinary tract, your life is really on hold until that prob­lem is fixed,” says Dr. Uhlman. I find urol­ogy satis­fy­ing because it gives me an oppor­tu­nity to quickly improve the qual­ity of a patient’s life.” He special­izes in treat­ing patients who expe­ri­ence prob­lems urinat­ing, urinary tract infec­tions, vasec­tomies and rever­sals, male fertil­ity issues, urologic cancers and common pedi­atric urinary troubles. 

Dr. Uhlman recently moved out west from Gettys­burg, Pa. to join our health­care team in the Surgi­cal clinic at Ivin­son Medical Group. Pick­ing up and moving to Laramie wasn’t intim­i­dat­ing to me,” says Dr. Uhlman. I always wanted to go out west and I was ready to be out of the big metro area.” 

He previ­ously visited the region while on hunt­ing trips and liked the contrast of Laramie to Gettys­burg. The commu­nity provides the perfect place for his many hobbies includ­ing bee keep­ing, garden­ing and fly fish­ing. I have a zillion hobbies,” says Dr. Uhlman. Currently, he is pass­ing the winter months by build­ing a sauna. 

Not only does Dr. Uhlman enjoy living Laramie, he also enjoys his work at Ivin­son. I love that I have the abil­ity to get patients on my sched­ule imme­di­ately,” says Dr. Uhlman. Every­one we inter­acted with while tour­ing the hospi­tal really sold us on Ivinson.” 

Thank you, Dr. Uhlman, for making Laramie your home! You are a great provider to work with and are a wonder­ful asset to the Surgi­cal Clinic at Ivin­son Medical Group.