Provider Spotlight 25 March 2019

Dr. Eric Uhlman

Dr. Eric Uhlman knew when he was a child that he wanted to go into the medical field. His father worked as a physician, once letting him observe one of his surgeries when Dr. Uhlman was a young teen. It was this moment that inspired him to become a surgeon.

At first, Dr. Uhlman was interested in general surgery. He went on to attend medical school at Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia. Through his education and his work experiences, Dr. Uhlman found that he was drawn to urology.

Urologists are specialized surgeons, focused on treating diseases in the urinary tract and the male reproductive system. 

When there is a problem in your urinary tract, your life is really on hold until that problem is fixed,” says Dr. Uhlman. I find urology satisfying because it gives me an opportunity to quickly improve the quality of a patient’s life.” He specializes in treating patients who experience problems urinating, urinary tract infections, vasectomies and reversals, male fertility issues, urologic cancers and common pediatric urinary troubles. 

Dr. Uhlman recently moved out west from Gettysburg, Pa. to join our healthcare team in the Surgical clinic at Ivinson Medical Group. Picking up and moving to Laramie wasn’t intimidating to me,” says Dr. Uhlman. I always wanted to go out west and I was ready to be out of the big metro area.” 

He previously visited the region while on hunting trips and liked the contrast of Laramie to Gettysburg. The community provides the perfect place for his many hobbies including bee keeping, gardening and fly fishing. I have a zillion hobbies,” says Dr. Uhlman. Currently, he is passing the winter months by building a sauna. 

Not only does Dr. Uhlman enjoy living Laramie, he also enjoys his work at Ivinson. I love that I have the ability to get patients on my schedule immediately,” says Dr. Uhlman. Everyone we interacted with while touring the hospital really sold us on Ivinson.” 

Thank you, Dr. Uhlman, for making Laramie your home! You are a great provider to work with and are a wonderful asset to the Surgical Clinic at Ivinson Medical Group.