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Provider Spotlight 25 March 2021

Dr. Kiran Koduri

Dr. Kiran Koduri is a Pediatric Hospitalist at Ivinson Memorial Hospital.

When pediatric hospitalist Kiran Koduri set his sights on medical school, there was no doubt that caring for kids would be his career path. For him, it is caring for the smallest and most critical patients that drive his passion.

Trained as a pediatric intensivist, Dr. Koduri completed his pediatric critical care fellowship at the University of Buffalo before relocating from a bustling New York state for the open spaces of Wyoming. 

In his two and a half years at Ivinson, Dr. Koduri has served as a pediatric hospitalist and valuable resource to community providers and hospital staff caring for pediatric patients with advanced needs. 

Dr. Koduri continues to do amazing things up here on the Family Care Unit,” said family care director, Deb Dawson. He is the ultimate teacher for all of the family care staff. His calm direction has helped to guide and teach all of our nurses on how to care for critically ill pediatric and nursey patients.” 

Before coming to Laramie, Dr. Koduri provided inpatient pediatric care in Gillette, WY, where he was able to work with staff to decrease the number pediatric cases from being transferred to larger facilities. 

I chose inpatient pediatrics because it’s challenging,” Dr. Koduri said. I want to master everything in pediatrics. I like to treat the most critical cases and take care of the sicker kids, that’s what my passion is.”

Prior to dedicating his area of practice exclusively to pediatrics, Dr. Koduri worked as an emergency physician in India. Although he preferred caring for children, he enjoyed the hustle and bustle of working in emergency. 

I got to learn a lot more hands on medicine,” he said of the 4 years he spent working emergency. That experience helped me learn a lot on top of my medical school education.”

Working in a rural community hospital, Dr. Koduri’ s training and expertise has brought abundant knowledge and resources to inpatient pediatrics and the families treated here at Ivinson. 

It has made it so we have ability to keep more mothers and babies together,” Deb Dawson said. The equipment that he has brought to the nursery and the things he has thought to do, enables us to keep babies here who are a little sicker, so that we are not separating these moms and babies. It has been wonderful for families.”

As Ivinson’s Family Care Unit prepares for upcoming reconstruction, Dr. Koduri has helped the team work to create better patient outcomes. 

The youngest baby we ever took care of here was born at 28 weeks, 2 pounds,” Dr. Koduri recalled of one family that the team was able to bring together at Ivinson. We were able to stabilize the baby and get them to Children’s Hospital, they are probably a year old now. We do some lifesaving work here on this floor.” 

As a father of four, Dr. Koduri approaches patient care as he would for his own children.

It doesn’t matter if it’s 2 in the morning or 2 in the afternoon, time is of the essence with children’s health. It’s my duty and my passion to take care of them at any hour of the day,” Dr. Koduri said. I wake up constantly, at any hour for my own children and it’s no different when I care for others’ children.”

Dr. Koduri shares his love for caring for kids with his wife, Dr. Vijaya Koduri, an outpatient pediatrician at Ivinson’s Family Care Clinic. The couple who has been together since 2007, trained side-by-side and graduated together before moving to Wyoming.

A lot of people don’t understand what pediatrics really is if you don’t practice pediatrics but that is my life,” Dr. Koduri said. I like taking care of children. It’s my passion. I don’t mind waking up several times a night, whether it’s for my children, for the hospital or my colleagues. I take pride in addressing those issues no matter what time of the day.”