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Featured Story Written by Sagan Wheeler

Improving The Patient Experience Through Epic

As Ivinson Memorial Hospital prepares to go-live on August 24, 2019 with our new electronic health record (EHR) system through Epic, the leading provider of EHRs in the nation, patients can look forward to a number of benefits.

Nicole Rooney, our Chief Nurs­ing Offi­cer, and Dr. Lars Peter­son, the physi­cian cham­pi­on for the tran­si­tion, out­line some of the ben­e­fits below.

Easy Access

Patients have per­son­al and fam­i­ly health infor­ma­tion at their fin­ger­tips with My Health Con­nec­tion, an Epic appli­ca­tion. They can mes­sage their doc­tors, sched­ule appoint­ments with Ivin­son Med­ical Group providers, com­plete patient paper­work, review lab results and be more involved with man­ag­ing their health. My Health Con­nec­tion is also mobile friend­ly, allow­ing patients to access their infor­ma­tion at any time. 

My Health Con­nec­tion offers a lev­el of inter­ac­tion for the patient through access to test results, secure mes­sag­ing with Ivin­son Med­ical Group providers, and patient edu­ca­tion offer­ings that is greater than we have had in the past. Patients are able to track their cur­rent med­ica­tions and request a refill direct­ly with their Ivin­son Med­ical Group providers in My Health Con­nec­tion,” said Rooney. My Health Con­nec­tion can be accessed through an online por­tal or through an app on a smart phone or tablet.”

Excep­tion­al Care

Com­mon tasks are stream­lined with Epic to get the job done more effi­cient­ly, allow­ing more time for providers to spend with their patients. Greater access to the patient’s health record also enhance the expe­ri­ence for both the patient and provider.

Epic will con­tin­ue to improve the coor­di­na­tion of care through improved access to the patient’s health record to both the care providers and the patient,” explains Rooney.

Patients will also have access to an After Vis­it Sum­ma­ry at dis­charge that helps in their after-care expe­ri­ence. The dis­charge infor­ma­tion giv­en to patients is easy to read, suc­cinct, and very help­ful,” said Peterson.

The After Vis­it Sum­ma­ry that is pro­vid­ed to patients after each vis­it with their care provider or upon dis­charge from the hos­pi­tal gives robust after care direc­tions and edu­ca­tion,” said Rooney.

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Increased Engage­ment

An easy-to-access EHR sys­tem pro­vides use­ful infor­ma­tion to patients. When patients are informed, they can ask more tar­get­ed questions.

Patient engage­ment helps bridge the divide between providers and patients. My Health Con­nec­tion offers patients cur­rent infor­ma­tion to labs, radi­ol­o­gy stud­ies and notes. Patients can then show the infor­ma­tion to trust­ed loved ones and/​or do research,” Petersen said. This enables patients to digest the infor­ma­tion and for­mu­late bet­ter, informed questions.”

A Safe System 

There are many lay­ers of pro­tec­tion with­in Epic, ensur­ing patient health infor­ma­tion is safe. A great deal of effort is put into sys­tem pro­tec­tion, includ­ing com­pli­ance audits of how records are reviewed by staff and hos­pi­tal-spon­sored attempts to break into the sys­tem. Patients can rest assured that every mea­sure is tak­en to pro­tect their health information. 

A Seam­less Transition

Patients may see extra staff help­ing through the tran­si­tion but every­thing will be busi­ness as usu­al. All Ivin­son patients will receive instruc­tions for access­ing My Health Con­nec­tion, the new patient por­tal. Patients who have already accessed the por­tal through UCHealth, will use the same por­tal for access­ing health infor­ma­tion from Ivin­son Memo­r­i­al Hos­pi­tal and Ivin­son Med­ical Group. Patients may not see infor­ma­tion in My Health Con­nec­tion until they receive care at Ivin­son Memo­r­i­al Hos­pi­tal or Ivin­son Med­ical Group after August 242019

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