Employee Spotlight

Janae Vessely, MSW, LCSW

Janae Vessely is a vital member of the health care team at Ivinson Memorial Hospital, working as a medical social worker in the case management department.

Janae Vessely Spotlight Photo 1

Janae ensures that our patients receive the best care possi­ble by eval­u­at­ing their emotional, social, envi­ron­men­tal and finan­cial needs and commu­ni­cat­ing these with the rest of the health care team.

Janae works in several depart­ments around the hospi­tal and is frequently involved in discharge plan­ning, offer­ing coun­sel­ing services or making calls to insur­ance compa­nies, among many other duties. 

Janae says she enjoys work­ing at Ivin­son because of her great co-work­ers and the sense of commu­nity that the hospi­tal brings. To Janae, Ivinson’s vision, Excep­tional Care” means giving support and the best possi­ble care to help patients through a crisis. 

Janae became inter­ested in the social work field after start­ing classes at the Univer­sity of Wyoming. She enjoys the hospi­tal setting because she likes work­ing with older adults and has many family members who are health­care profes­sion­als. I like what the profes­sion stands for and its code of ethics,” says Vessely. 

She recently cele­brated three years of employ­ment with Ivin­son in June 2018, but unof­fi­cially started her career as a student intern, job shad­ow­ing in Case Manage­ment while complet­ing her degree. 

Outside of the hospi­tal, Janae enjoys spend­ing time with her family. Her husband, Mike, is a UW police offi­cer and she has a nine-month-old daugh­ter named Ragan.

Thank you, Janae, for the compas­sion and support that you bring to the health care team at Ivinson!