Employee Spotlight

Jeanne Kennedy, RN

Jeanne currently works as Ivinson’s trauma coordinator, in addition to working as a nurse in our Emergency Department.

Jeanne kennedy spotlight 1

Jeanne Kennedy decided to enter the health­care indus­try as a nurse after hear­ing stories from her mother who worked as a nurse in the U.S Army. Her stories made nurs­ing seem so fun, fill­ing and excit­ing,” said Jeanne. Also, I knew that if I went into nurs­ing I would always have a job.”

Jeanne currently works as Ivinson’s trauma coor­di­na­tor, in addi­tion to work­ing as a nurse in our Emer­gency Depart­ment. I like the inde­pen­dence I have in my posi­tion as a Trauma Coor­di­na­tor and I like making things better for the patients I see in the ED,” said Jeanne. I feel like I make a differ­ence in their hospi­tal stay when I can make them laugh, even though I see them on their worst day.”

In addi­tion to patient care, Jeanne is passion­ate about work­ing with mili­tary veter­ans. Both of my parents served in World War II,” said Jeanne. My mom was an Army nurse and my dad worked in the Army Air Corps.”

Inspired by her parents’ service, she decided to become involved with the Rocky Moun­tain Honor Flight, a non-profit orga­ni­za­tion dedi­cated to flying every able and will­ing World War II, Korean War and Viet­nam War veteran to Wash­ing­ton, D.C. to visit the memo­ri­als. In 2016, Jeanne went on her first Honor Flight, work­ing as a Guardian to ensure that every veteran had a safe and memo­rable trip. As a Guardian, Jeanne was respon­si­ble for phys­i­cally assist­ing the veter­ans at the airports, during the flights, at the memo­ri­als and in the hotel. It is a fabu­lous expe­ri­ence that you just can’t explain,” said Jeanne. 

Jeanne recently returned from her second Honors Flight, in which she served as a member of the Medical Team, admin­is­ter­ing the veteran’s medica­tions through­out their trip. It truly restores your faith in human­ity,” said Jeanne. The veter­ans are the humblest guys, and through­out the entire trip all walks of life come up to them to say their thanks.”

Ivin­son is proud of the work Jeanne does for our patients in the Emer­gency Depart­ment and of her work with the Rocky Moun­tain Honors Flight program. Thank you, Jeanne, for show­ing your passion to both patients and veterans.