Employee Spotlight

Leslie Comly, BSN, RN

Leslie Comly recently celebrated 35 years of service with Ivinson Memorial Hospital. Leslie has served in a variety of roles throughout her tenure at Ivinson and is currently Ivinson's Employee Health Nurse.

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Leslie knew nurs­ing was her call­ing from a young age. She had several family members who were nurses, includ­ing her older sister, Mary. Leslie earned her degree in nurs­ing at the Univer­sity of North­ern Colorado, grad­u­at­ing in 1978

Leslie started her career at Ivin­son Memo­r­ial Hospi­tal, in 1983. While she was trained as a Crit­i­cal Care Nurse, Leslie could not work in the Emer­gency Room due to a nepo­tism rule in effect at the hospi­tal at the time. (Her husband, Mike, a recent resi­dency grad­u­ate from the WWAMI program, just opened his prac­tice in down­town Laramie.) Instead, she worked in the OB (now Family Care) Unit as a labor and deliv­ery nurse. 

Leslie spent 17 years work­ing in the OB depart­ment, 10 of which she worked as the Assis­tant Direc­tor. Every birth was like it was the first for me,” says Comly. It was lovely.”

Even­tu­ally, an oppor­tu­nity arose for Leslie to return to her crit­i­cal care train­ing when Ivin­son expanded to include a Dial­y­sis unit. She played a major role in this expan­sion, work­ing part-time in both Dial­y­sis and OB for two years before becom­ing the Direc­tor of Dial­y­sis. Leslie enjoyed this posi­tion, as she worked with a wonder­ful staff while contin­u­ing to provide patient care. 

Patient care is my true love,” says Leslie. I never went back to school to receive my master’s because I wanted to be at the bedside. I just wanted to focus on being a good clinician.” 

Two years ago, Leslie began work­ing with a new set of patients – Ivin­son employ­ees. Currently, Leslie works as the Employee Health Nurse, ensur­ing the health of all who work at IMH. She loves that this posi­tion gives her contact with every­one through­out the hospi­tal and the abil­ity to spend more time with her grand kids.

Through­out her career, Leslie has witnessed multi­ple changes at Ivin­son. When I first started, nurses would take smoke breaks in the util­ity room!” says Comly. She has worked through multi­ple changes in admin­is­tra­tion, advance­ments in tech­nol­ogy and several trans­for­ma­tions in the phys­i­cal layout of the hospi­tal. No matter how big or diffi­cult the change, Leslie says it never affected the qual­ity of care her patients received. 

Ivin­son has provided me with a good nurs­ing career. I have received some fantas­tic awards for my work, there have been many oppor­tu­ni­ties and I have loved all the jobs I have held,” says Comly. 

We are so proud of Leslie’s career at Ivin­son Memo­r­ial Hospi­tal and grate­ful for her count­less contri­bu­tions through­out her years of service. Thank you, Leslie, for an amaz­ing 35 years!