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Employee Spotlight

Lisa Rambo

Lisa is Ivinson's Infection Preventionist and the Quality Manager.

Before she was the infec­tion pre­ven­tion­ist at Ivin­son, Lisa Ram­bo came to know near­ly every clin­i­cal role out­side of the oper­at­ing room in her 25 years. 

I start­ed as a med­ical teleme­try RN, it was called med tele,” Lisa said. 

Since she stepped into the nurs­ing field, she hasn’t stopped learn­ing new things. From med tele she cross trained in sur­gi­cal ortho, she worked as an ICU nurse, she was a unit super­vi­sor, she trained on extend­ed care and in 2002 she moved in quality. 

Lisa recalls that she didn’t always want to be a nurse, but stum­bled into the pro­fes­sion. In nurs­ing school she knew she made the right decision. 

I loved the learn­ing, and I was very pas­sion­ate. I found a pas­sion that I actu­al­ly didn’t know was there.”

While going to school at UW, she knew she want­ed to come work at Ivin­son, often hear­ing about the pos­i­tive expe­ri­ences from her peers.

I had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to do a clin­i­cal here for my OB rota­tion. I was able to get my labor expe­ri­ence and the staff were so welcoming.”

The stu­dent expe­ri­ence has stuck with Lisa and lead to her teach­ing stu­dents herself. 

I real­ly did enjoy work­ing with stu­dents. There was a UW nurs­ing stu­dent that was ques­tion­ing what she want­ed. We did a rota­tion and I worked one-on-one with her and she was so appre­cia­tive. It was very reward­ing to help her find what she wants to do and to know she had a pos­i­tive expe­ri­ence and felt good about her career choice.”

In her role with risk man­age­ment, qual­i­ty and infec­tion pre­ven­tion, Lisa has found pas­sion in always learn­ing new things.

I do enjoy when I can edu­cate and answer ques­tions and get into good dis­cus­sions with our staff. They ask chal­leng­ing ques­tions, but it helps me think and I feel like with my knowl­edge and research I con­tin­ue to learn more.”

Lisa explains that much of her job in qual­i­ty is tak­ing a clos­er look to see what we can learn from a situation.

We look at things we could do bet­ter but also look­ing at here’s what we did great and rec­og­niz­ing that. That can be tough some­times for the front­line staff- look at the things we did great.”

When she is not keep­ing our staff and patients safe, Lisa likes to keep things fun. 

There is anoth­er side to me, I tend to be qui­et and reserved but there is a fun side to me and I do have a pret­ty good sense of humor! I have my motor­cy­cle endorse­ment and at one time I did actu­al­ly have my own Harley. I do have a lit­tle bit more of a free spir­it there. I get out and have fun.”

Out­side of work Lisa can most often be found walk­ing two dogs on any day there is just enough sun­shine. Lisa’s favorite part of the day is video chat­ting with her 2 year old granddaughter.

It is so nice to see her face. You need fam­i­ly to get you through these times.” 

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