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Employee Spotlight 15 April 2020

Lisa Rambo

Lisa is Ivinson's Infection Preventionist and the Quality Manager.

Before she was the infection preventionist at Ivinson, Lisa Rambo came to know nearly every clinical role outside of the operating room in her 25 years. 

I started as a medical telemetry RN, it was called med tele,” Lisa said. 

Since she stepped into the nursing field, she hasn’t stopped learning new things. From med tele she cross trained in surgical ortho, she worked as an ICU nurse, she was a unit supervisor, she trained on extended care and in 2002 she moved in quality. 

Lisa recalls that she didn’t always want to be a nurse, but stumbled into the profession. In nursing school she knew she made the right decision. 

I loved the learning, and I was very passionate. I found a passion that I actually didn’t know was there.”

While going to school at UW, she knew she wanted to come work at Ivinson, often hearing about the positive experiences from her peers.

I had the opportunity to do a clinical here for my OB rotation. I was able to get my labor experience and the staff were so welcoming.”

The student experience has stuck with Lisa and lead to her teaching students herself. 

I really did enjoy working with students. There was a UW nursing student that was questioning what she wanted. We did a rotation and I worked one-on-one with her and she was so appreciative. It was very rewarding to help her find what she wants to do and to know she had a positive experience and felt good about her career choice.”

In her role with risk management, quality and infection prevention, Lisa has found passion in always learning new things.

I do enjoy when I can educate and answer questions and get into good discussions with our staff. They ask challenging questions, but it helps me think and I feel like with my knowledge and research I continue to learn more.”

Lisa explains that much of her job in quality is taking a closer look to see what we can learn from a situation.

We look at things we could do better but also looking at here’s what we did great and recognizing that. That can be tough sometimes for the frontline staff- look at the things we did great.”

When she is not keeping our staff and patients safe, Lisa likes to keep things fun. 

There is another side to me, I tend to be quiet and reserved but there is a fun side to me and I do have a pretty good sense of humor! I have my motorcycle endorsement and at one time I did actually have my own Harley. I do have a little bit more of a free spirit there. I get out and have fun.”

Outside of work Lisa can most often be found walking two dogs on any day there is just enough sunshine. Lisa’s favorite part of the day is video chatting with her 2 year old granddaughter.

It is so nice to see her face. You need family to get you through these times.”