Employee Spotlight

Debbie Wessels, CNA

Debbie Wessels began working at Ivinson Memorial Hospital 16 years ago. She wears many hats (or scrub colors) here at Ivinson. Debbie serves as a Labor Tech, CNA, Scrub Tech, and Unit Secretary, just to name a few. Every department that has the opportunity to work with Debbie considers themselves lucky.

Wessels Edit 1

Debbie Wessels began work­ing at Ivin­son Memo­r­ial Hospi­tal 16 years ago. She wears many hats (or scrub colors) here at Ivin­son. Debbie serves as a Labor Tech, CNA, Scrub Tech, and Unit Secre­tary, just to name a few. Every depart­ment that has the oppor­tu­nity to work with Debbie consid­ers them­selves lucky.

Debbie’s personal philos­o­phy is, Life is short; live each day to its fullest.” She demon­strates this philos­o­phy in both her work and personal life. Her favorite part about her job at Ivin­son is caring for patients in vari­ous areas. Outside of her work with patients, she is happi­est as a grandma, spend­ing time with her grandchildren. 

Debbie loves the sense of commu­nity in Laramie. She works to foster commu­nity as a local volun­teer and through her involve­ment with the Moose Lodge. Whether Debbie is work­ing at Ivin­son, spend­ing time with her family, or volun­teer­ing in our commu­nity, she has a last­ing impact on those around her. Thank you for all that you do, Debbie!