Featured Story Written By Shelby Quintana

Our DAISY Nurses

Ivinson Memorial Hospital is a proud participant in the DAISY Award Program, recognizing nurses year-round who go above and beyond for patients.

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Cele­brated from May 6 to May 12, National Nurses Week honors the vast contri­bu­tions and posi­tive impact nurses across the nation make to their patients, health­care facil­i­ties and communities.

There are 2.9 million nurses in the U.S. alone, making up the largest segment of the health­care field,” said Nicole Rooney, Chief Nurs­ing Offi­cer at Ivin­son Memo­r­ial Hospi­tal. National Nurses Week is impor­tant to cele­brate to show the unique­ness of the nurs­ing profession.” 

Created in loving memory of J. Patrick Barnes, the DAISY Award is an inter­na­tional program that rewards and cele­brates the excel­lent clin­i­cal skill and compas­sion­ate care provided by nurses every day. 

Each DAISY Award Honoree at Ivin­son is recog­nized at a public cere­mony within their depart­ment and receives a certifi­cate, a DAISY Award pin and a hand-carved sculp­ture enti­tled, A Healer’s Touch.” Addi­tion­ally, Ivin­son treats their depart­ment to cinna­mon rolls — a staple feature of the DAISY Award program. The recog­ni­tion people feel when they get to read their nomi­na­tion letters makes a huge impact on them,” said Nicole. I love being able to surprise honorees and see the awe on their face.”

Recently, Ivin­son estab­lished a DAISY Award Honoree wall near the Moun­tain View Café to commem­o­rate the nurses who received this award each year. Each block will repre­sent the four nurses who were selected as honorees that year,” said Nicole. It provides the public with back­ground on the DAISY Award Program and will show who has been honored.”

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The DAISY Award Commit­tee at Ivin­son selects DAISY Award Honorees from nomi­na­tions submit­ted by patients, visi­tors, guests, volun­teers or another IMH staff member. There are no require­ments to write a nomi­na­tion letter,” said Nicole.

Nomi­na­tions are blind to the DAISY Award Commit­tee and are ranked based upon the NURSES crite­ria: Nomi­nated for dedi­ca­tion to nurs­ing and love for patient care, Under­stands and provides consis­tent focus on patient and family goals, Relays and follows a philos­o­phy of team­work and trust, Sincere and empa­thetic, Exem­pli­fies the mission and vision of Ivin­son Memo­r­ial Hospi­tal, Self­less­ness and puts others first.

Since partic­i­pat­ing in the DAISY Award Program, Ivin­son has recog­nized Kizzy Ledesma, Amy Smith, Dawn Skin­ner and Suzy Peter as DAISY Award Honorees for provid­ing extra­or­di­nary, compas­sion­ate care to their patients. Anyone can pick up the skills to become a nurse,” said Nicole. It takes some­one special to exhibit the compas­sion that these nurses provide every day.”

Those who were nomi­nated for the DAISY Award include: Cheryl Rodgers, Gwynn McMillen, Jennifer Donnelly, Susan Jennett, Renee Collins, Tina O’Conner, Jill Del Rio, Melody Rezzon­ico, Michelle Collins, Morgan Corring­ton and Caitlin Beck.

Nurses across all depart­ments at Ivin­son can be nomi­nated for this pres­ti­gious award. It is impor­tant to nomi­nate nurses for the DAISY Award because the exter­nal vali­da­tion provided to nomi­nees is so moving,” said Nicole. It shows them that they were truly chosen to do the work that they do.”

Nomi­nate Your Nurse Today

If you have a story about a specific situ­a­tion in which a nurse at Ivin­son made a mean­ing­ful differ­ence, please nomi­nate them for a DAISY Award. Nomi­na­tions can be submit­ted online at ivin​son​hos​pi​tal​.org/​daisy