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Employee Spotlight

Reaching a Major Milestone

Every New Year, Ivinson takes time to honor our biggest assets, our employees.

Mile­stone Awards, is a time that allows us to thank employ­ees for their years of ser­vice and the dif­fer­ence they make in mak­ing our hos­pi­tal a great place to work. Over the years, we see our employ­ees take on new roles, advance their edu­ca­tion, excel in dif­fer­ent depart­ments and most impor­tant­ly, pro­vide the very best care for each and every patient that enters our doors. We appre­ci­ate each and every one of you. This year’s Mile­stone Awards we will hon­or 54 employ­ees for reach­ing mile­stones of 5, 10, 15, 25 and up to 40 years of service. 

Deb Daw­son — Fam­i­ly Care Unit

Milestone2020 5

25 Years at Ivinson

Deb orig­i­nal­ly start­ed at Ivin­son in June of 1993 as a nurs­ing extern before com­ing on as a GN/RN in May of 1994. I was a new UW nurs­ing grad­u­ate and knew I want­ed to work at Ivin­son on Labor/​Delivery. I love Labor/​Delivery, Pedi­atrics, and the Nurs­ery! Ivin­son has excep­tion­al staff who keep me on my toes and make com­ing to work fun.” Deb then became a clin­i­cal edu­ca­tor in June of 2013, before becom­ing the clin­i­cal direc­tor of the Fam­i­ly Care Unit in 2016. When asked what her favorite part about her job is, Deb says, I love work­ing with doc­tors and nurs­es who are com­mit­ted to their jobs and love patients as much as I do.” When she is not car­ing for new fam­i­lies, Deb enjoys spend­ing time with her own fam­i­ly. Deb mar­ried her high school sweet­heart, Scott, and just cel­e­brat­ed their 44th year of mar­riage — thank you Deb for spend­ing 25 of those years with Ivinson!

Nicole Vasquez — PACU 

Milestone 2020 4

20 Years at Ivinson

Nicole came to Ivin­son in 1999 after fam­i­ly mem­bers of hers had rec­om­mend­ed Ivin­son as a great place to work. Nicole start­ed at Ivin­son as an envi­ron­men­tal ser­vices tech­ni­cian and has worked her way through, Admit­ting, Med­ical Records and into nurs­ing. She start­ed as a grad­u­ate nurse, then as an obstet­rics nurse and into PACU nurs­ing, where she works cur­rent­ly. Nicole cred­its the abil­i­ty to advance her career with­in the hos­pi­tal as what has kept her at Ivin­son for the last 20 years. 

When asked what her favorite part of her job is, Nicole says her favorite part is her cowork­ers, as well as get­ting to work in dif­fer­ent areas through­out her depart­ment. In 2017, Nicole added peri­op­er­a­tive edu­ca­tor to her resume and last semes­ter, began work­ing towards her BSN. Thank you for your 20 years of ser­vice Nicole!

Ellen Hicks — Dietary

Milestone 2020 1

15 Years at Ivinson

Ellen was in need of a change when she joined the Ivin­son fam­i­ly in 2004, and a friend had sug­gest­ed she apply at Ivin­son. In her time at Ivin­son, Ellen has been a patient ser­vices asso­ciate, res­i­dent activ­i­ties coor­di­na­tor and an RSA. When asked what has kept her at Ivin­son for the last 15 years, Ellen says, The good peo­ple I work with and the patients. And it’s great exer­cise!” Ellen enjoys the friends she has made in her cowork­ers and see­ing the patients she serves get bet­ter. When she isn’t wheel­ing a smile around the hos­pi­tal, Ellen likes to gar­den and do wood­work­ing as well as spend time with her fam­i­ly. Thank you for all you do Ellen!

Alea Doolit­tle — Rehabilitation 

Milestone 2020 2

10 Years at Ivinson

Alea joined Ivin­son in 2009 as an aide in the Out­pa­tient Reha­bil­i­ta­tion Cen­ter. After fin­ish­ing her under­grad on the east coast, Alea knew she need­ed a change. While vis­it­ing fam­i­ly in Laramie, she applied for a posi­tion at Ivin­son, I got my job, can­celled my return flight home and have nev­er looked back! It was one of the best deci­sions I’ve ever made!” 

As a rehab aide, Alea enjoys the sup­port she can offer not only her cowork­ers, but also her patients. The com­mu­ni­ty that has been built here is like no oth­er. It’s not only the sense of com­mu­ni­ty I feel with­in my depart­ment with my cowork­ers and patients, but with­in the hos­pi­tal as a whole.” For Alea, help­ing oth­ers is a pas­sion. After Hur­ri­cane Kat­ri­na, she spent two weeks in New Orleans work­ing on hous­es dam­aged in the flood­ing, As hard as the work was men­tal and phys­i­cal­ly, it was one of the most reward­ing expe­ri­ences of my life and I’ll always be appre­cia­tive of the lessons I learned.”

Heather Davies — Envi­ron­men­tal Services

Milestone 2020 3

5 Years at Ivinson

Heather was hand­picked by her super­vi­sor Tam­my Gardea, who rec­om­mend­ed she apply at Ivin­son. After join­ing the Ivin­son fam­i­ly in July of 2014, Heather has found her niche as an envi­ron­men­tal ser­vices tech and can often be found in the Med­ical Office Build­ing at Ivin­son. Aside from the great sup­port she receives from her cowork­ers, Heather’s favorite part about work­ing at Ivin­son is, Leav­ing at the end of the night know­ing I made a dif­fer­ence.” Thank you Heather for all your hard work!

Employ­ees Hit­ting Major Milestones

Ralph AbellMate­ri­als Management5 years
Antho­ny AguirresMate­ri­als Management5 years
Dean­na AllenHos­pi­tal Compliance5 years
Caitlin BeckMed Surg IP5 years
Dena BijoldLab­o­ra­to­ry5 years
Becky BoscheePhar­ma­cy5 years
Can­dace BurchHos­pi­tal­ist5 years
Kim­ber­ly CameronHealth Info Management5 years
Heather DaviesEnvi­ron­men­tal Services5 years
Daria DuhringDial­y­sis5 years
Amy FarstadSur­gi­cal Clinic5 years
Wendy FixPathol­o­gy5 years
James Fra­zierMed Surg IP5 years
Dou­glas HallHos­pi­tal Compliance5 years
Eric Harns­berg­erSurgery5 years
Melis­sa JohnsonHealth Info Management5 years
Dustin JoyCar­diac Rehab5 years
Bri­ana LuceroInter­nal Med Clinic5 years
Ran­di MajewskiUltra­sound5 years
Hei­di MarchMed Surg IP5 years
Seth McgeePatient Finan­cial Services5 years
Gwynn McmillenLabor and Delivery5 years
Daphne Mecikals­kiExtend­ed Care Unit5 years
Melody Rez­zon­i­coEmer­gency Department5 years
Michael RodgersMed Surg IP5 years
Diana Rois­ingHos­pi­tal Administration5 years
Beth SanchezNurs­ing Admin5 years
Jason SondgerothER Physi­cian Services5 years
Bev­er­ly SpencerEmer­gency Department5 years
Michela TelfordEmer­gency Department5 years
Alea Doolit­tleRehab Ser­vices10 years
Jen­nifer HowellsAdmit­ting10 years
Andrea LewisPatient Finan­cial Services10 years
Alis­sa MikesellBehav­ioral Health10 years
William Sil­vrantsEnvi­ron­men­tal Services10 years
Aaron UttonSurgery10 years
Christo­pher VialpandoEngi­neer­ing10 years
Claire AngeleRehab Ser­vices15 years
Ellen HicksDietary15 years
Beth Kam­berDia­betes Clinic15 years
Shaw­na Kautz­man PenaBehav­ioral Health15 years
Kizzy Ledes­maInten­sive Care Unit15 years
Jen­nifer PetersonRehab Ser­vices15 years
Car­men RayosMate­ri­als Management15 years
Arace­ly AmparanSurgery20 years
Dianne BrownLab­o­ra­to­ry20 years
Nicole VasquezPACU20 years
Debra Daw­sonOB25 years
Paula EskamProcess Improve­ment25 years
Robert Need­ham­merSurgery25 years
Beth Rom­saBHS Physi­cian Services30 years
Dawn Skin­nerPACU35 years
Chris­t­ian KnudsenNurs­ing Admin35 years
Kirk Strat­tonEEG40 years
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