Press Release Written by Shelby Quintana

Revolutionizing Women’s Health

The Women's Health Clinic at Ivinson Medical Group offers education on gynecologic surgical options to our community.

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A year after the first robotic-assisted surgery at Ivin­son, the da Vinci Xi surgi­cal robot contin­ues to improve women’s health in our community.

On Nov. 13, the Women’s Health Clinic at Ivin­son Medical Group is host­ing a free lecture on gyne­co­logic condi­tions, poten­tial compli­ca­tions and when to visit a doctor. A comple­men­tary dinner will be provided to all who attend.

The Women’s Health Clinic works to provide life­long care and support for women in our commu­nity. Drs. Kim West­brook and Derek Ewell will discuss the latest treat­ment options offered includ­ing mini­mally inva­sive robotic assisted surgery with our state-of-the-art da Vinci Xi robot.

This surgi­cal system allows surgeons to perform complex proce­dures with just a few, small inci­sions. During surgery, the surgeon oper­ates from a console table a few feet away from the patient. Computer tech­nol­ogy allows the robotic instru­ments to mimic the move­ments of the surgeon, which are stead­ier than the human hand and can bend and twist far more than the wrist.

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The instru­ments have a range of motion of 720 degrees, which is obvi­ously more than the human hand. With tremor filtra­tion, this allows the instru­ments to remain very steady and accu­rate,” says Jamie Amicarella, da Vinci Clin­i­cal Sales Rep for Ivinson.

This free lecture will begin at 6:00 PM in Ivinson’s East Patient Entrance. Atten­dees are encour­aged to arrive early to see the da Vinci Xi surgi­cal robot in person. 

For more infor­ma­tion on the Women’s Health Clinic at Ivin­son Medical Group, please call (307) 7554540 or visit ivin​son​hos​pi​tal​.org/​w​o​m​e​n​s​-​h​ealth.