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The Power of a Promise

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The halls in Ivinson feel relatively quiet around 7:30 in the morning, but there is a silent energy that is hard to put a finger on. Listen closely, and you will hear the soft sound of muffled conversations and the chime of people swiping their badge to clock in (or out, depending on the shift.)

Without the safety handrails on the walls and the vast waiting rooms, it might be easy to forget you are in a hospital. Many employees are warm and offer a friendly greeting, some just say, hi,” and give a nod. Many are making their way towards the coffee machines on first floor, to get that essential dose of caffeine before they start the day.

The sound of people moving through the hospital grows and adds life to the building as the day inches on, and that silent energy starts to feel easier to pin down. It is clear the people who work here want to make a difference in the lives of our patients and our community. If you need evidence of this, look no further than the way staff members have recently embraced big changes and taken on new challenges, while still tending to patients and accomplishing daily tasks.

The Promise

In the century that Ivinson Memorial Hospital has been providing care for the people of southeastern Wyoming, it feels impossible that there could’ve been a time where so much was changing all at once. In the past two years alone, the introduction of entirely new management systems (Epic, Lawson and Kronos), the expansion of the medical office building, and the addition of close to 100 new employees have all contributed to a fundamental shift in the way our hospital operates.

It feels appropriate, then, that the hospital shift its strategic goals and vision, to match the energy and changes occurring around the hospital.

This summer, with input from the community, staff members and providers, Ivinson Memorial Hospital renewed its mission and vision statements, uniting and simplifying them in the process.

Instead of developing new and improved’ mission and vision statements, Ivinson leaders started fresh, and wrote a single statement, directed at patients, staff and the people of our community. 

Promise: trusted partners in world-class healthcare.

During the creation of the 2025 plan, it became clear that many people struggled with the old Mission and Vision statements that Ivinson adopted years ago,” said Shawn Evans, strategic consultant for Ivinson. While people liked the concepts presented, they didn’t know what was the Mission or what was the Vision. So, we have now made things a bit easier, while at the same time truly identifying what we stand for at Ivinson within a short statement.”

The new promise statement solidifies our commitment to provide patients with the highest quality care possible. It shows we are willing to go the extra mile for people, to make sure they feel cared for and heard. From the moment someone walks in the building, to that first step towards feeling better, we want to be a facility that works to earn the trust of our community.

Ivinson’s new promise statement can be seen as the phrase that inspires every employee’s daily activities and behaviors,” says Beth Jones, director of the IMH Foundation. We have so much to be proud of whenever we hear, Ivinson,’ and I’m inspired to know I stand alongside partners who I trust.”

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The new promise statement will help guide employees, as we work to implement our new strategic goals for 2025. It is bold statement that indicates Ivinson has opened a new chapter in our journey,” says Holly Zajic, chief operating officer for Ivinson. Holly adds that these hospital wide goals will help the hospital to, lead in the development of a regional care system, achieve results in the top 5% of national comparative databases, and create an environment where people can do their best work.”

The promise statement is meant to be easily committed to memory, and all Ivinson employees should take time to become familiar with it. Promise statements add value, speak to what matters most, and indicate a specific experience you can expect from Ivinson Memorial Hospital, whether you are a patient, staff member, or provider,” adds Holly. The promise statement as a whole is very inspiring – it truly speaks to the quality of care we provide to our community.”

Health Elevated

In addition to the new promise statement, a new tagline for the hospital will begin making its way into hospital ads, brochures and letterheads, as we simultaneously work to roll-out the new promise statement. Look for the phrase, Health Elevated,” on all new and updated marketing collateral.

The new tagline has a double meaning; it suggests you can elevate your health at Ivinson, while also calling attention to our geographical location at 7220 feet above sea level.


Any questions or feedback about the hospital’s new promise statement and tagline is welcome, and can first be directed to the marketing team by calling (307) 7554602 or (307) 7554521.

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