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The Power of a Promise

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The halls in Ivin­son feel rel­a­tive­ly qui­et around 7:30 in the morn­ing, but there is a silent ener­gy that is hard to put a fin­ger on. Lis­ten close­ly, and you will hear the soft sound of muf­fled con­ver­sa­tions and the chime of peo­ple swip­ing their badge to clock in (or out, depend­ing on the shift.)

With­out the safe­ty handrails on the walls and the vast wait­ing rooms, it might be easy to for­get you are in a hos­pi­tal. Many employ­ees are warm and offer a friend­ly greet­ing, some just say, hi,” and give a nod. Many are mak­ing their way towards the cof­fee machines on first floor, to get that essen­tial dose of caf­feine before they start the day.

The sound of peo­ple mov­ing through the hos­pi­tal grows and adds life to the build­ing as the day inch­es on, and that silent ener­gy starts to feel eas­i­er to pin down. It is clear the peo­ple who work here want to make a dif­fer­ence in the lives of our patients and our com­mu­ni­ty. If you need evi­dence of this, look no fur­ther than the way staff mem­bers have recent­ly embraced big changes and tak­en on new chal­lenges, while still tend­ing to patients and accom­plish­ing dai­ly tasks.

The Promise

In the cen­tu­ry that Ivin­son Memo­r­i­al Hos­pi­tal has been pro­vid­ing care for the peo­ple of south­east­ern Wyoming, it feels impos­si­ble that there could’ve been a time where so much was chang­ing all at once. In the past two years alone, the intro­duc­tion of entire­ly new man­age­ment sys­tems (Epic, Law­son and Kro­nos), the expan­sion of the med­ical office build­ing, and the addi­tion of close to 100 new employ­ees have all con­tributed to a fun­da­men­tal shift in the way our hos­pi­tal operates.

It feels appro­pri­ate, then, that the hos­pi­tal shift its strate­gic goals and vision, to match the ener­gy and changes occur­ring around the hospital.

This sum­mer, with input from the com­mu­ni­ty, staff mem­bers and providers, Ivin­son Memo­r­i­al Hos­pi­tal renewed its mis­sion and vision state­ments, unit­ing and sim­pli­fy­ing them in the process.

Instead of devel­op­ing new and improved’ mis­sion and vision state­ments, Ivin­son lead­ers start­ed fresh, and wrote a sin­gle state­ment, direct­ed at patients, staff and the peo­ple of our community. 

Promise: trust­ed part­ners in world-class healthcare.

Dur­ing the cre­ation of the 2025 plan, it became clear that many peo­ple strug­gled with the old Mis­sion and Vision state­ments that Ivin­son adopt­ed years ago,” said Shawn Evans, strate­gic con­sul­tant for Ivin­son. While peo­ple liked the con­cepts pre­sent­ed, they didn’t know what was the Mis­sion or what was the Vision. So, we have now made things a bit eas­i­er, while at the same time tru­ly iden­ti­fy­ing what we stand for at Ivin­son with­in a short statement.”

The new promise state­ment solid­i­fies our com­mit­ment to pro­vide patients with the high­est qual­i­ty care pos­si­ble. It shows we are will­ing to go the extra mile for peo­ple, to make sure they feel cared for and heard. From the moment some­one walks in the build­ing, to that first step towards feel­ing bet­ter, we want to be a facil­i­ty that works to earn the trust of our community.

Ivinson’s new promise state­ment can be seen as the phrase that inspires every employee’s dai­ly activ­i­ties and behav­iors,” says Beth Jones, direc­tor of the IMH Foun­da­tion. We have so much to be proud of when­ev­er we hear, Ivin­son,’ and I’m inspired to know I stand along­side part­ners who I trust.”

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The new promise state­ment will help guide employ­ees, as we work to imple­ment our new strate­gic goals for 2025. It is bold state­ment that indi­cates Ivin­son has opened a new chap­ter in our jour­ney,” says Hol­ly Zajic, chief oper­at­ing offi­cer for Ivin­son. Hol­ly adds that these hos­pi­tal wide goals will help the hos­pi­tal to, lead in the devel­op­ment of a region­al care sys­tem, achieve results in the top 5% of nation­al com­par­a­tive data­bas­es, and cre­ate an envi­ron­ment where peo­ple can do their best work.”

The promise state­ment is meant to be eas­i­ly com­mit­ted to mem­o­ry, and all Ivin­son employ­ees should take time to become famil­iar with it. Promise state­ments add val­ue, speak to what mat­ters most, and indi­cate a spe­cif­ic expe­ri­ence you can expect from Ivin­son Memo­r­i­al Hos­pi­tal, whether you are a patient, staff mem­ber, or provider,” adds Hol­ly. The promise state­ment as a whole is very inspir­ing – it tru­ly speaks to the qual­i­ty of care we pro­vide to our community.”

Health Ele­vat­ed

In addi­tion to the new promise state­ment, a new tagline for the hos­pi­tal will begin mak­ing its way into hos­pi­tal ads, brochures and let­ter­heads, as we simul­ta­ne­ous­ly work to roll-out the new promise state­ment. Look for the phrase, Health Ele­vat­ed,” on all new and updat­ed mar­ket­ing collateral.

The new tagline has a dou­ble mean­ing; it sug­gests you can ele­vate your health at Ivin­son, while also call­ing atten­tion to our geo­graph­i­cal loca­tion at 7220 feet above sea level.


Any ques­tions or feed­back about the hospital’s new promise state­ment and tagline is wel­come, and can first be direct­ed to the mar­ket­ing team by call­ing (307) 7554602 or (307) 7554521.

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