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Education 13 June 2023

Professional Development Award Program

Ivinson Memorial Hospital Foundation is proud to support Ivinson employees and promote professional growth with programs such as the Professional Development Award.

The Foundation’s Professional Development Award reimburses employees for attending a wide variety of educational training that benefits their career at Ivinson.

This program gives the opportunity to non-clinical and clinical employees (excluding providers) to apply and testify how the educational training personally and professionally impacts their career at Ivinson.

The Professional Development Award for employees was implemented by the Ivinson Memorial Hospital Foundation in July 2019 as a combination of many other scholarship funds, which include: Sandy Joy-Kris Kramschuster Scholarship, the Employee Education Scholarship, and Inge Townsend Nursing Scholarship. To create a sustainable long lasting program for employee professional development, these three scholarship programs were combined into the Professional Development Award Program.

Impact on Employees, Patients, and Ivinson

The Professional Development Award Program is designed to help give Ivinson employees the opportunity to pursue further knowledge, skills and training. Ivinson encourages employees to pursue further educational trainings to benefit them both personally and professionally. This helps employees stay up-to-date on the current skills, trainings and knowledge to create sustainability without worrying about the financial burden of trying to maintain a current skill set. When Ivinson employees choose to pursue further educational training in their careers, it allows Ivinson to continue to grow in the area of the world-class care it offers to patients.

Eligibility for Award

The Professional Development Award Program does have requirements that need to be met in order to be eligible for this award. The following requirements that must be met by the employee include:

  • Has worked at Ivinson for more than a year
  • Is not planning to resign
  • Has finished training/​events in the last 90 days
  • Paid for training/​event personally
  • No disciplinary action for the last 12 months

If the employee meets all the eligibility requirement they are able to start filling out the application.

Application/​Selection Process

The application process for the Professional Development Award Program is designed to make it as straightforward as possible for employees.

Employees that are eligible for the Professional Development Award Program will fill out the application, with an overview of the details of the training and how it benefited their department and themselves personally. Information required includes:

  • Total expense detail
  • Reviewed the award programs policy
  • Department
  • Date you were hired
  • Supervisors Email
  • Title of the Event and Training
  • Informational brochure or other descriptions of what you did
  • Completion date
  • Receipt or other proof of payment
  • Total expense details
  • Summary of what was covered by the event/​training
  • How the event/​training benefited you personally

Once the application is filled out, it then goes to the Professional Development Award committee for review, which is made up of 5 – 7 clinical and non-clinical Ivinson Employees. Applications are reviewed by this committee quarterly and decide how much the Ivinson employee will be awarded. Ivinson Memorial Hospital Foundation is able to award up to $1500 quarterly, and up to $250 per individual. The committee may vote (using a scoring matrix) to decide the award amount. Ivinson employees are able to apply multiple times throughout the year.

Apply Today!

The Ivinson Memorial Hospital Foundation wants to inspire employees to pursue further educational training that evolves employee knowledge, skills and training that help keep Ivinson’s promise of being trusted partners in world-class healthcare” through the Professional Development Award Program.

For More information, please contact the Ivinson Foundation or Ivinson’s Process Improvement department.