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Department Spotlight

The Team Behind the Team

It takes a vil­lage to keep a hos­pi­tal run­ning in typ­i­cal times. Cur­rent times are any­thing but typ­i­cal, and yet, the staff at Ivin­son Memo­r­i­al Hos­pi­tal are step­ping up to take on COVID-19 right behind front­line health­care work­ers. They are the team behind the team, and essen­tial” is not enough to describe them. 

Iso­la­tion Pre­cau­tions with Envi­ron­men­tal Services

Anne John­ston has become very famil­iar with the process of putting on (don­ning) and remov­ing (doff­ing) per­son­al pro­tec­tive equip­ment (PPE) since the coro­n­avirus out­break. Envi­ron­men­tal Ser­vices at Ivin­son have been busier than ever keep­ing our hos­pi­tal dis­in­fect­ed and safe. 

As rec­om­men­da­tions around COVID-19 evolve every day, Tam­my Gardea, Envi­ron­men­tal Ser­vices super­vi­sor, is find­ing new ways to keep her team ahead of the curve. 

I’ve been in scrubs work­ing the floors with my team this week” Tam­my says. With height­ened clean­ing pro­ce­dures facil­i­ty-wide there’s more work to do and, some­times, less staff to do it. We are dis­in­fect­ing high touch areas every hour on the hour. A lot of my staff has had to take on addi­tion­al duties and cov­er­ing areas that are out­side of their usu­al sched­ule, some are pick­ing up extra shifts.”

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Fol­low­ing stan­dard iso­la­tion and air­borne pro­ce­dures, envi­ron­men­tal ser­vices are gown­ing up to ensure clean­li­ness and san­i­ta­tion for all.

We clean every­thing,” Tam­my said. We strip the entire room, change the cur­tains, we scrub the walls, everything.” 

Tak­ing on more each day, Envi­ron­men­tal Ser­vices is keep­ing our entire hos­pi­tal san­i­tized and ready to care for more patients. 

My team is doing an amaz­ing job, real­ly going above and beyond to keep every­one that comes through these doors safe. We don’t know what is com­ing next but we are doing every­thing we can to pre­pare for it.”

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