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The 2021 Benefits Guide is now available. You can view the guide online or request a printed copy by contacting Human Resources.

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Open forms using Inter­net Explor­er or Adobe Read­er to sub­mit them.

These forms are fil­l­able PDFs that are direct­ly sent to Human Resources when sub­mit­ted. If you expe­ri­ence any dif­fi­cul­ties or have any ques­tions about these forms, please let an HR rep­re­sen­ta­tive know. For a guar­an­teed deliv­ery of your Flex­i­ble Spend­ing Card and New Med­ical Insur­ance card by 01/01/2021, please sub­mit your Flex­i­ble Spend­ing Enroll­ment Form and Insur­ance Change/​Enrollment Form by 11/16/2020.


Ivin­son Memo­r­i­al Hos­pi­tal offers eli­gi­ble employ­ees two dif­fer­ent med­ical insur­ance plans — Val­ue and Stan­dard. Eli­gi­ble employ­ees also have the option to add Vision, Den­tal and Flex­i­ble Spend­ing plans.


This plan pro­vides options for diag­nos­tic and pre­ven­ta­tive den­tal ser­vices, for both you and your eli­gi­ble dependents.


This plan offers access to care from great eye doc­tors, qual­i­ty eye­wear and low out-of-pock­et costs.

flex spending

Man­age eli­gi­ble out-of-pock­et health­care and depen­dent care expens­es using a flex­i­ble spend­ing account (FSA).

life insurance

In order to reg­is­ter for the Unum Vol­un­tary Ben­e­fits and addi­tion­al life insur­ance (for both you and your depen­dents) you may call their tele­phon­ic sup­port for a one-on-one meet­ing with a Unum Ben­e­fits Counselor. 

This will take no more the 10 – 20 min­utes and will allow you to ask ques­tions about your enroll­ment options for Whole Life Insur­ance, Crit­i­cal Ill­ness Insur­ance, Short Term Dis­abil­i­ty Insur­ance and Addi­tion­al Life and AD&D. This will also be a pas­sive enroll­ment process for all Unum Vol­un­tary Ben­e­fits. Mean­ing, you are not required to re-enroll for the 2021 plan year. If you do not make any changes, all plans will roll over into the new year as is.

To sched­ule a one-on-one ses­sion with a Unum Ben­e­fits Coun­selor, please call (866) 9002435. The call cen­ter will be open start­ing Novem­ber 9, 2020 and end­ing on Novem­ber 202020.

pet insurance

Pro­tect your fur-chil­dren with a pet insur­ance pol­i­cy for every employ­ee on every budget.

employee rewards

All Ivin­son employ­ees are eli­gi­ble for these rewards on local and nation­al services.


Laramie Fit­nessMem­ber­ships are dis­count­ed to $31 for sin­gle and $58 for cou­ple. Each addi­tion­al child is only $15.
Laramie Rec. Center
Ivin­son employ­ees receive a 20% dis­count on annu­al or six month memberships.
Alti­tude Fitness
Mem­ber­ships are dis­count­ed to $35 for sin­gle and $65 for cou­ple, plus 10% off all ser­vices includ­ing class­es, per­son­al train­ing, nutri­tion coun­sel­ing, etc.
Blos­som Yoga
Ivin­son employ­ees receive a class and mem­ber­ship dis­count. See Human Resources for the lat­est rates.
Stu­dio Thrive
Ivin­son employ­ees can join Stu­dio Thrive for the dis­count­ed rate of $65/​month for a sin­gle unlim­it­ed membership.


Ver­i­zon Wire­less DiscountIvin­son employ­ees can save 20% off of Ver­i­zon Wire­less month­ly ser­vices charges.
at&t Dis­countIvin­son employ­ees can save 24% off of AT&T services.
Jos. A. BankThrough the Jos. A. Bank Cloth­iers Dis­count Card pro­gram, Ivin­son employ­ees are able to receive 20% sav­ings when shop­ping in one of their stores or online.
Hear­ing Aid DiscountIvin­son pro­vides both Speech Lan­guage and Audi­ol­o­gy ser­vices. All Ivin­son employ­ees are eli­gi­ble for 25% off hear­ing aid devices, with pay­roll deduc­tion available.