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COVID-19 Testing

COVID 19 testing IPF June 2020 social 11
(307) 755‑4355

Call us to register prior to your arrival.

drive-up testing
11:00am – 2:00pm

Monday – Friday Except holidays.

Hospital Parking Garage Located on 30th St. and Willett Dr.

Ivin­son is excit­ed to offer two types of COVID-19 test­ing to our com­mu­ni­ty. We offer both a nasal swab test and a blood test. This page can help you under­stand the dif­fer­ence, as well as how you can get tested. 

tests avail­able

COVID-19 nasal swab test — A PCR (nasal swab) test can deter­mine if some­one cur­rent­ly has a COVID-19 infection.

COVID-19 anti­body test — A serol­o­gy anti­body test (blood draw) can deter­mine if some­one was exposed to COVID-19 and now has antibodies.

  • Anti­bod­ies are pro­teins found in the blood that are pro­duced as some­one fights off a virus or bacteria. 
  • The pres­ence of COVID-19 anti­bod­ies sug­gests that some­one has been exposed to or been sick with the virus.
  • If a patient cur­rent­ly has pos­si­ble COVID-19 symp­toms, it is like­ly too ear­ly for them to have anti­bod­ies to COVID-19. They should first have a nasal swab, and, if inter­est­ed, anti­body test­ing should be done 2 weeks after they first had symptoms.

billing + insurance 

*Please check your indi­vid­ual pol­i­cy to learn if PCR and anti­body test­ing is cov­ered. For most insur­ance plans, we will attempt to bill your insur­ance. You may be respon­si­ble for your co-pay or deductible amount. How­ev­er, if your health plan denies this charge, you will receive a bill for the service. 

dri­ve-up testing

Dri­ve-up test­ing is avail­able Mon­day – Fri­day from 11:00am – 2:00pm in the Hos­pi­tal’s park­ing garage. Call us at (307) 7554355 and reg­is­ter pri­or to your arrival.


Q: Which tests can I get through Ivinson?

A: Ivin­son is cur­rent­ly offer­ing two types of test­ing. One type of test, called a PCR test, which can tell you if you have COVID-19 now. This test requires a nose swab. Ivin­son is also offer­ing an anti­body test. This test can tell you if you’ve been exposed or if you were sick with COVID-19 in the past. This test requires a blood draw.

Q: What is the dif­fer­ence between an anti­body test and a PCR test?

A: A nose-swab PCR test for COVID-19 looks for the pres­ence of the virus in some­one who is sick right now or has recent­ly got­ten bet­ter. An anti­body test can see if some­one has been exposed to COVID-19 and now has anti­bod­ies to the illness.

Q: What are antibodies?

A: When we get infec­tions, our bod­ies cre­ate pro­teins to fight infec­tions. These pro­teins are called antibodies.

Q: How long do anti­bod­ies to COVID-19 last?

A: Researchers don’t yet know how long anti­bod­ies to COVID-19 last or whether they pro­tect peo­ple from get­ting sick in the future.

Q: Where is Ivin­son con­duct­ing COVID-19 testing?

A: Ivin­son is con­duct­ing dri­ve-through test­ing in the hos­pi­tal park­ing garage on the north side of the building.

Q: How can I make an appoint­ment to get a PCR or anti­body COVID-19 test?

A: You must pre-reg­is­ter for dri­ve-up test­ing by call­ing us at (307) 7554355.

Q: What about phys­i­cal dis­tanc­ing if I was already test­ed negative?

A: Regard­less of whether you have anti­bod­ies to COVID-19 or a neg­a­tive nasal swab test, you should con­tin­ue phys­i­cal dis­tanc­ing, fre­quent hand-wash­ing and stay­ing home if you devel­op symp­toms of COVID-19.

Access Your Results

If you don’t already have one, cre­at­ing a My Health Con­nec­tion account is a con­ve­nient way to see your results when they are avail­able. For the best expe­ri­ence, down­load and access through the UCHealth app today, avail­able on Apple and Google app stores.