Medicine and Critical Care

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Our main goal is to pro­vide the high­est qual­i­ty of med­ical care to our adult patients in the hos­pi­tal. Being avail­able 24 hours a day allows us to devote our time to the patients, nurs­ing staff and refer­ring physicians. 

We have a 247 in-house hos­pi­tal­ists pro­gram here for all inpa­tient admis­sions. Our physi­cians are always in house dur­ing their shifts and check on our patients at least once dai­ly and mul­ti­ple times as need­ed for the best qual­i­ty of care. 

They cov­er all patients in the Medical/​Surgical units, as well as Extend­ed Care. They are avail­able for con­sul­ta­tions and patient obser­va­tion. They can also per­form many pro­ce­dures and cov­er our ICU Unit. The hos­pi­tal­ist pro­gram was imple­ment­ed in August 2007, and has been a tremen­dous suc­cess. It has attract­ed physi­cians from all over the coun­try for our out­pa­tient ser­vices in Pri­ma­ry Care as well as improved physi­cian and nurs­ing relations. 

Our aver­age length of stay has improved as well as our qual­i­ty of care. With our physi­cians in-house 247, there is always a doc­tor here to take care of our patients.

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