outpatient main line
(307) 755-4431

Monday – Friday except holidays

7:00am – 4:30pm

The Ivin­son Memo­r­ial Hospi­tal Labo­ra­tory is a spacious, full-service depart­ment which provides services for inpa­tients and outpa­tients as well as market­ing accounts for physi­cians, clin­ics, and veteri­nar­i­ans. The labo­ra­tory is currently a part of the IMH Outreach Program and provides services to other Wyoming communities. 

State-of-the-art equip­ment, modern facil­i­ties and a labo­ra­tory computer system with remote report gener­at­ing capa­bil­i­ties make the IMH Labo­ra­tory one of the most progres­sive labo­ra­to­ries in the region.

The IMH Labo­ra­tory is directed by pathol­o­gists who are certi­fied by the Amer­i­can Board of Pathol­ogy. It is staffed by medical tech­nol­o­gists who are regis­tered by the Amer­i­can Soci­ety of Clin­i­cal Pathol­o­gists. The Labo­ra­tory staff is commit­ted to qual­ity service.

The IMH Labo­ra­tory is fully accred­ited and performs a vari­ety of analy­sis in urinal­y­sis, bacte­ri­ol­ogy, immuno­he­ma­tol­ogy, hema­tol­ogy, chem­istry, immunol­ogy, coag­u­la­tion, cytol­ogy and tissue pathology. 

do I need to check in through Admit­ting if I am just having out patient labo­ra­tory testing?

Yes, the admis­sion process needs to be completed before present­ing in the laboratory. 

do I need an order for labo­ra­tory testing?

Yes, the State of Wyoming requires labo­ra­to­ries to have a signed order from a licensed physi­cian, FNP or a PA work­ing under the license of a physician.

does the labo­ra­tory have hours that they are open for routine outpa­tient testing?

Yes. The labo­ra­tory is open from 7:00 am — 4:30 pm, Monday — Friday, for routine test­ing. If urgent test­ing is required, the labo­ra­tory is avail­able at all times.

do I need an appoint­ment to have my blood drawn?

No, it is not neces­sary to make an appointment. 

do I need to be fast­ing for all labo­ra­tory tests?

No, not all labo­ra­tory tests need to be performed when the patient is fast­ing. Please contact your primary care provider for specific infor­ma­tion on indi­vid­ual tests and how many hours you must fast.

board-certified pathologists