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Care After Cancer

At the Meredith and Jeannie Ray Cancer Center, we are dedicated to caring for patients from their first diagnosis through the completion of treatment and into survivorship.

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Recently, the Cancer Center received grants from the Wyoming Breast Cancer Initia­tive to support our mission of provid­ing excep­tional care to cancer patients and survivors in the Laramie community.

These grants give access to programs that are virtu­ally nonex­is­tent in Wyoming,” said Amy Smith, direc­tor of the Mered­ith and Jean­nie Ray Cancer Center.

Created after the Susan B. Komen orga­ni­za­tion left Wyoming (as the state could not meet the new national require­ments to raise $1 million annu­ally,) the Wyoming Breast Cancer Initia­tive aims to increase breast health educa­tion, finan­cially assist breast cancer screen­ings, facil­i­tate patient navi­ga­tion and promote survivor services. All proceeds raised through fundrais­ing efforts remain in Wyoming to grant into eligi­ble programs. The Cancer Center received two grants to start a Breast Boutique and to create the Surviv­ing and Thriv­ing After Cancer program.

The Breast Boutique

Named in grat­i­tude by Thrivent Finan­cial, The Breast Boutique at the Mered­ith and Jean­nie Ray Cancer Center was awarded $15,600 to provide specialty services and prod­ucts for post-surgi­cal breast cancer patients. The purpose for start­ing this boutique was to address vulner­a­bil­ity and body image,” said Kate­lyn Rosier, social worker in our Medical Oncol­ogy depart­ment. Research on the concerns reported by women with breast cancer indi­cates body image’ as one of the high­est priorities.”

Body image is composed of both the posi­tive and nega­tive thoughts we have about our bodies, and plays a role in breast cancer patients’ jour­ney. The effects of breast cancer, espe­cially surg­eries, can create a lot of vulner­a­bil­ity for women,” said Kate­lyn. The way they look will be altered.”

Body image is some­thing that most people don’t ever want to talk about, but it’s real and very neces­sary to help women through every part of treat­ment includ­ing changes in their phys­i­cal appear­ance,” said Amy. Having our Breast Boutique avail­able for women under­go­ing treat­ment for cancer gives them more confi­dence in their journey.”

Located within the Cancer Center, the Breast Boutique caters to patients who have under­gone mastec­tomies, lumpec­tomies or breast recon­struc­tion by provid­ing free, profes­sional fittings for sili­cone pros­thet­ics, pros­thetic bras and post mastec­tomy mate­ri­als. Patients will be measured for pros­thet­ics and bras by certi­fied mastec­tomy fitters, and can select a bra from five differ­ent styles to take home that day. The pros­thetic mate­ri­als in the boutique are all used for fitting purposes,” said Kate­lyn. After the patient selects the size and style of pros­thetic they like, we will order it in for them.”

The Breast Boutique was created with the idea to help breast cancer patients grace­fully adapt to life after surgery. This service is all about invit­ing women who strug­gle with the vulner­a­bil­ity in body image to step into the arena and take control over the stories they are telling them­selves,” said Kate­lyn. With all the changes the patient goes through, our boutique can help bring a sense of normalcy to their life.”

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Surviv­ing and Thriv­ing After Cancer

Thanks to the generos­ity of Janet Dorsch, the Mered­ith and Jeanne Ray Cancer Center and Ivinson’s Rehab Services were able to collab­o­rate to create the Surviv­ing and Thriv­ing After Cancer program (STAC). STAC is a six-week exer­cise program to promote well­ness for cancer patients and cancer survivors,” said Rebecca Fisher, phys­i­cal ther­a­pist in Reha­bil­i­ta­tion Services. It offers social support, educa­tion on cancer preven­tion and side effects manage­ment while encour­ag­ing habits to main­tain a healthy lifestyle.”

Guest speak­ers includ­ing nurse prac­ti­tion­ers, dieti­cians, yoga instruc­tors and social work­ers present on topics such as how to improve posture, lift­ing mechan­ics and anxi­ety manage­ment. STAC meets twice a week on Mondays and Wednes­days,” said Scar­lett Barns, cardiac rehab coor­di­na­tor. We struc­tured the program to begin with 15 minutes of educa­tion, move into 30 minutes of strength train­ing, work for 15 minutes on cardio and end with 15 – 20 minutes of a cool-down.”

Designed to assist those who have expe­ri­enced cancer or who are currently under­go­ing cancer treat­ments, the program covers a vari­ety of topics and exer­cises to help patients adjust to life during their cancer treat­ments and into survivor­ship. Many cancer patients face the ques­tion of Now What?’ after the comple­tion of their treat­ments, because they are not the same person emotion­ally or phys­i­cally,” said Scar­lett. This is a great resource for patients to have during this transition.”

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Cancer Care in Laramie

At Ivin­son, it is our belief that the path to over­com­ing cancer is a team effort, includ­ing the support of our patients’ care team, family and friends. At the Cancer Center, we are dedi­cated to help­ing each of our patients look and feel the best they can during and after treat­ment,” said Amy. This is why the Breast Boutique and STAC are so impor­tant and such a unique oppor­tu­nity for our cancer patients.” We are proud to provide excep­tional care for cancer patients through­out every step of their jour­ney – from their first diag­no­sis, through­out their treat­ments and into survivorship.

Learn More

For more infor­ma­tion on the Breast Boutique or the STAC program, please contact the Mered­ith and Jean­nie Ray Cancer Center at (307) 7427586.