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Dr. Pete Graham

Dr. Graham joined Ivinson Medical Group's Surgical Clinic last December as a general surgeon.

Dr. Pete Gra­ham cel­e­brat­ed his one year anniver­sary at Ivin­son on Decem­ber 1st, the same day he cel­e­brat­ed becom­ing an offi­cial res­i­dent of Wyoming.

I grew up team rop­ing in Mon­tana,” Pete said. I thought I’d be a pro­fes­sion­al team rop­er and that didn’t work out. So I thought I’d be a ranch­er but I couldn’t find any girl with a ranch that would mar­ry me. So I decid­ed to go to med­ical school.”

In med­ical school, he was inter­est­ed in infec­tious dis­ease — a stark dif­fer­ence from his fast paced sched­ule as a gen­er­al surgeon. 

When I was in med­ical school, I thought I’d be in infec­tious dis­ease and then I start­ed inter­view­ing for res­i­den­cies. By the time I was done inter­view­ing, I decid­ed that surgery was the way I want­ed to go.”

Dr. Gra­ham enjoys gen­er­al surgery because it is excit­ing and he has an imme­di­ate impact on his patient’s qual­i­ty of life. 

That’s the best feel­ing to have as a doc­tor, to feel like you’ve helped your patient that quickly.”

Before com­ing to Ivin­son, his fam­i­ly lived in Texas where his wife was sta­tioned with the Navy, but Texas nev­er felt like home. He always knew he want­ed to come back west, close to fam­i­ly and away from the big city. 

It’s a more peace­ful way of life, but still with quite advanced med­ical care. It’s quite amaz­ing because I’ve been to a few dif­fer­ent hos­pi­tals but Ivin­son con­tin­ues to impress me. The staff here is very knowl­edge­able and the equip­ment is very high quality.”

Arriv­ing at Ivin­son, he trained to use the Da Vin­ci robot, equip­ment that was unavail­able in his pre­vi­ous work. Hav­ing been in prac­tice 11 years before com­ing on at Ivin­son, he felt com­fort­able in min­i­mal­ly inva­sive surgery hav­ing per­formed count­less laparo­scop­ic surg­eries. After train­ing with the Da Vin­ci, Dr. Gra­ham reports his favorite surgery to per­form is her­nia repairs with the robot. 

I go through the dif­fer­ent surgery options with the patient. There is an open tra­di­tion­al her­nia repair, laparo­scop­ic and robot­ic. And I’ll let the patient know I think the robot is the best option. My biggest inci­sion is small­er than it would be laparo­scop­i­cal­ly, it’s a faster recov­ery time and it’s just bet­ter visualization.”

Dr. Gra­ham enjoys her­nia repairs because the surgery brings instant relief to his patients. Pri­or to his arrival, hiatal her­nias repairs were not avail­able at Ivin­son at all. Cur­rent­ly, Dr. Gra­ham treats hiatal her­nias laparo­scop­i­cal­ly but intends to do more of these repairs with the Da Vinci. 

Com­par­ing laparo­scop­ic surgery to using long chop­sticks”, Dr. Gra­ham explains that with the Da Vin­ci, the robot has artic­u­lat­ing wrist, which allows for the advanced precision. 

Now that I’m here and that I’ve used it, I do think that there are cer­tain surg­eries where, while laparo­scop­ic is good, the robot is even better.”

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