Employee Spotlight

Heidi March, RN

Heidi March has been a registered nurse with Ivinson Memorial Hospital’s Medical/Surgical Unit for over four years. She is cross trained to provide nursing care to Extended Care, Behavioral Health Services, and the Emergency department.

Heidi Davis Spotlight

In addi­tion to being a nurse who can work in a vari­ety of settings, Heidi is a commit­ted member of the Ivin­son team, serv­ing on our Part­ner Devel­op­ment Pillar Team, instruct­ing Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support classes and serv­ing as a Clin­i­cal Readi­ness Lead for the tran­si­tion to EPIC, a new elec­tronic medical record system.

Heidi grew up in Laramie and has always loved the commu­nity here. Before commit­ting to nurs­ing, Heidi almost chose to study music in school. She knows that she chose the right career in nurs­ing but still finds ways for music to be a part of her life. Heidi plays in the commu­nity band for the Univer­sity of Wyoming and her church congre­ga­tion and teaches piano lessons. If she could do another job for one day, Heidi would play trum­pet for a large symphony orchestra.

When asked what she enjoys most about work­ing at Ivin­son, Heidi said, The team here. We have wonder­ful people across the entire hospi­tal.” Heidi feels a sense of pride in the work that she does each time a patient thanks her.

Know­ing that you are appre­ci­ated means a lot,” she said. Heidi is not only appre­ci­ated by her patients and but by the entire team at Ivin­son that has the oppor­tu­nity to work with her.